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Sep 3, 2014 12:01 PM

Freeze smoked tofu?

A friend gave me some smoked tofu - too much to use right now
but can I freeze it? How to do it best? It's made from extra-firm, baked then smoked and it tastes great.

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  1. How much is too much? I've had a block of smoked tofu i just wrapped very well in my fridge that lasted several weeks with no ill effects.

    You can freeze it, just make sure to press once defrosting to get rid of any extra liquid, and the texture may become even more firm.

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    1. re: Ttrockwood

      thanks Tt, I'll do that if needed. Do you have any suggestions for good eating? I don't get this very often and I'm not sure of tastiest use - one friend suggested fine dice and mix with scrambled eggs, topping with spicy tomato salsa. What do you think?

      Anybody have other ideas?

      1. re: kariin

        I like to use it thinly sliced in sandwiches. It goes especially well with avocado-and-tomato sandwiches.

        I buy commercial baked and smoked tofu (Soyboy brand), and typically freeze half the package. Since it's already been baked, freezing doesn't change the texture much.

        1. re: patricium

          Great ideas - i think I may be able to use it all up but i will freeze if needed - thanks for all the infformation.

        2. re: kariin

          I also buy the soyboy smoked tofu often. I love it just sliced as a snack! More ways i've enjoyed it:
          - cubed in miso soup (or any vegetable based soup)
          - sliced on toast topped with semi mashed avocado
          - chopped in salads
          - added to chili or bean centered dishes for the smokey depth
          - long slim baton shaped pcs in summer rolls
          - sliced on a snacky plate instead of cheese with crackers, olives, hummus, crudite, spiced nuts, etc.
          - use for a vegetarian bahn mi sandwich
          - add it diced to chinese style stir fried green beans (or whatever stir fry)
          I actually am not a fan of eggs but that sounds like a good idea too!

          1. re: Ttrockwood

            these are great suggestions Tt, I'll let you know
            I'm adding to a hummus and tomato open-faced sandwich. the tofu flavor is mild, I may not need to freeze anything, these are all good ideas.
            thanks for the help