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Sep 3, 2014 11:46 AM

da Umberto

Does anyone have any recent experience with this restaurant? My husband has booked himself a reservation there for his birthday (my treat, of course) and I've not seen much about it here. We've always liked the menu when passing by the restaurant and I like the idea that the service is "old school" which we both miss at times. Thanks.

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  1. Sorry , I have no recent experience. My ancient experience is they had excellent food.

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    1. re: foodwhisperer

      Thanks @foodwhisperer. Here's hoping that things have not changed all too much at da Umberto and that the food is still excellent.

      Edited: or, is your use of the phrase "ancient experience" a dig at our rather fuddy-duddy choice of restaurant?

      Now I'm not sure...

      1. re: Multifoiled

        No dig,,,, i haven't been there in many many years.

        Thanks for reporting back. Glad you enjoyed it.

    2. i think i've been there twice in the last dozen was very good both's a middle-aged/older crowd, w/ soft schmaltzy music (greatest opera arias, etc) playing discreetly on the sound system...Carmela Soprano would consider it very 'classy'...and she'd be right: it's not tacky, and the food is good would be a somewhat odd choice for an under 40-something date, but beyond that it's fine...

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      1. re: Simon

        Well, I am 53 and my husband will be 57 on his birthday, so we'll fit right in. :)

        1. re: Multifoiled

          i remember having some tasty shrimp there, and enjoying the antipasti veggies and cheese...please report back...

          1. re: Simon

            Will do. Not going until the very end of the month though.

        2. re: Simon

          There were a few definitely under 40 couples there last night. It was not the mostly older crowd I thought it would be.

        3. We've had a late, leisurely lunch there within the past year. Very good food, excellent service, minimalist setting, very comfortable. Diners of all ages, but not a trendy hot spot. I'd gladly go back in a second.

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          1. re: pace

            Thanks. All these positives are making me really look forward to our dinner.
            Just goes to show there are good restaurants that just never seem to get mentioned much on CH.

          2. Our dinner was last night and we thoroughly enjoyed it. da Umberto is pretty much a no nonsense, old school type of place that is exactly what most people described. I loved the fact that all wait staff and management we interacted with were Italian. It gave us a chance to use our limited vocabulary.

            Stand outs were a fritelli of ricotta wrapped in prosciutto, a mushroom and fontina risotto and a roasted baby lamb rack. All delicious and served with no fuss or frills. The antipasti of simple grilled vegetables served room temperature was also quite good. da Umberto is very much like a traditional ristorante one would find in Italy. We'll definitely be back.

            Thanks again to all who responded.

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            1. re: Multifoiled

              thanks for the report...glad the meal worked out well...