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Sep 3, 2014 11:07 AM

Philly Hound

Philly Hound vacationing in San Diego this November. Breakfast,
lunch and dinner recommendations. Need at least one fresh fish restaurant. Non touristy please.

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  1. San Diego is geographically a very large town. Where are you staying and will you have a car? Breakfast lunch and dinner recs is a very general request (other than the fish rest request)? What kind of food are you looking for and price point for dinner?

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    1. re: foodiechick

      Good question. I do not know San Diego at all. Very familiar with LA, SF and Laguna Beach. I will have a car. Hotel recommendation? Love Asian. Plenty of steak, Italian and Chinese in Phila. Looking for West Coast experience. In SF, I like Postrio(closed), Chez Panisse: in LA, Michael's Santa Monica, the Ivy, Matteo's, Ca Brea. In Laguna Beach, Sapphire, Zinc, 230 Forrest.

      1. re: mayerbenbaruch

        There is little to which I could compare those dining experiences here in San Diego. But all that cstr has suggested will give you plenty of excellent dining- just a different level and a different paradigm.

    2. Breakfast; Kono's at Pacific Beach on Garnet, great local breakfast, no frills.

      Lunch; Supper Cocina, good home cooked braised Mex chow. Hit up a Marisco's Taco truck for a few Baja Style fish tacos and more. Do a search on the board you'll find many posts. Super Sergio's for a good burrito.

      Dinner; Top of the Market, San Diego Harbor Drive.

      Jayne's Gastro Pub, craft beer. Ritual Tavern, more craft beer.

      1. Georges Modern in La Jolla...upstairs more casual George's.
        Pony Room@ Rancho Valencia resort in Rancho Santa Fe
        Oscar's Seafood Mex Pacific Beach
        Fish Market Oyster bar
        Marisco German food truck
        El Pescador
        Roberto's taco shop Del Mar
        Bahia don bravo

        Breakfast..Perry's..Harry's Coffee Shop..Kona's.. World Famous

        1. I have no idea about Philly dining, but Vietnamese, sushi/Japanese, and maybe Korean are the strong points in SD Asian. The best guide to the Asian food scene (among other things) is Kirk's blog, mmm-yoso!!!

          There is a lot of stuff there, but generally Kirk knows what he's writing about.