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Sep 3, 2014 10:39 AM

Sunday Brunch or Lunch in Cologne

We are looking for a nice Sunday brunch or lunch in Cologne. I have identified the Piano Brunch at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst and the Glashaus in the Hyatt as two options. If anyone has had either of these brunches or has another recommendation, please do let me know.

I saw another poster had commented on Vendome, a 3-star Michelin outside of Cologne and I had asked for feedback as that appears to be the top of the line option in the area, but I’m ruling that out as the reservation cancellation fee makes me uncomfortable given we’re traveling internationally.

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  1. Figured I will update my post with where ended up and with some other comments on Cologne in case that would be helpful to anyone. Instead of the brunch at the Hotel Excelsior Ernst, we went for a for Sunday lunch in their restaurant Hans Stube. Gorgeous restaurant with a hefty wine list (very refreshing given the limited beverage options at the casual spots we had visited) and all the accoutrements of fine dining (amuse bouche, complimentary after meal chocolates and small desserts). Our meals were excellent, but the service was a bit too “professional” and stuffy for us to feel relaxed and the meal did drag out a bit. A nice meal for sure, but not an outstanding overall experience.

    We visited many of the local brew pubs and the food that was coming out looked great, albeit quite similar. Here are the spots at which we ate: Max Stark, Malzmuhle, Lommerzheim. Malzmuhle was under construction and serving only a limited menu, so it may be better at other times but this was our least favorite food-wise. Lommerzheim is quite unassuming and the menu is small and had a long wait, but the food was great and very reasonably priced. We had heard Max Stark is also quite busy during the dinner hour, but we were there for a late meal and didn’t have a problem getting a seat. Both seemed to be well regarded for true local fare and we agreed with the recommendations.
    I saw another post about the area that referenced Kolsch and thought I would just comment that it is THE beer of Cologne and you should plan to drink it (assuming you drink beer) and expect to pay for water and still get hassled for ordering it. The servers are known for being playfully snarky as well in the area and that rang true, so it’s probably good to know that so you’re not caught off guard

    1. You could try the blog for ideas - there are a few restaurants in Cologne mentioned and several nearby. Although their lists are targeted more for the younger set I sometimes feel.