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Sep 3, 2014 10:19 AM

24" double ovens...?

My husband and I are planning to make an offer on a house, but we're a little worried about the oven situation. It has double wall ovens (yay!), but they are non-standard size. I believe they are 24", though I didn't measure. They are certainly not any bigger than 27" (which still seems small).

We love to throw parties and cook. I am wondering about people's experiences with non-standard/smaller ovens. Is it a big hassle? I know at least some of my bakeware will not work in a smaller oven, so I would need to purchase some new stuff.

This seems like a big deal to me in terms of not being able to bake/cook the same amount of volume as I'm accustomed to with a full-size range + oven.

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  1. The people we bought from had a solution. Although they already had a 30" double-oven, the inner volume was still too limited for their needs so they added a third commercial oven which is pretty cavernous.

    It's not near the main ovens because it's only used for parties/holidays, so if you can get away with adding one, it's a not-terribly-expensive fix.

    1. I have a 24" range. The oven is about 18" wide by 17 1/2" deep inside. That is big enough to hold my roasting pan, which is the only constraint. But I only cook for two, so never get the largest turkey or cook more than two pies at once. For entertaining a large group, you might find it cramped.

      1. we have a 24 inch oven on the cape. it is small. it can comfortably fit a 9x13x2 pan. you can make it work if you have to. especially because you have 2 ovens. i sometimes feel guilty about my luxury (by my standards) kitchen in boston when i see what i can crank out in a very modestly equipped kitchen on the cape. i have to unplug the fridge to run the micro. not kidding. 4 small burners close together. propane gives me a little more oomph, though.

        1. We had double 24" double ovens before we remodeled 2 years ago.
          With 2 ovens, you'll be surprised at what you can do.
          I fit my sheet pans in there, casserole dishes, dutch ovens, and lasagna pan.

          Unless those ovens are in a really, really tight space, you should be able to switch them out for bigger ovens. But, wait until you work in your kitchen a bit before you even entertain that thought.

          I was *shocked* that we were able to replace our small ovens with double 30" ovens with a footprint not all that much bigger.
          Appliances waste very little space these days.

          1. What is the size of your cabinet that houses the oven? Some cabinets are the standard 33 inch size but the hole for the ovens have to be reamed out to accommodate the size of your oven be it 24", 27" or 30". If your cabinet is large enough, the existing hole can be reamed out for 30" ovens.
            In a former house I had a double 27" oven and I would never own small ovens again. I have two 30" in the kitchen and another 30" in our bar area which gets used during holidays. It is nice to be able to put a couple of dishes into one oven at the same time.