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Sep 3, 2014 09:56 AM

DC affordable dining options w/access from DuPont circle

Hi! I'm coming into DC for a short business trip and have one dinner, two breakfasts, and two lunches that I'll be on my own for. Can you recommend good options within walking or metro distance to DuPont Circle? Additionally, any good options near the Smithsonian and the National Gallery are also very welcome. I eat everything and anything. PS I am on a budget. Thank you!

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  1. I can only give options around the Mall/National Gallery. Someone else will have to take on the Dupont section of your trip. Penn Quarter is very near the Smithsonians and the National Gallery and has a good chunk of office workers, so you'll some not incredibly expensive food.

    -Protein Bar will run you around $10-11 for a healthy lunch and has breakfast.

    -Lincoln Waffle Shop near Ford's Theater, if you don't want to be healthy and want local color, this is a decent greasy spoon with cheap food.

    -Shack Shake has good hamburger's and fries. I prefer them to Five Guys just on the fries.

    -701 has a $17 entree and wine special at the bar for lunch if your budget can stretch to that.

    -Red Apron Butchery has regular sandwiches, but I prefer the breakfast sandwiches. The Southern Comfort is my personal favorite.

    1. Could you define budget? What are you looking to spend for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tax and tip.

      One thought for lunch near the Mall would be food trucks at L'Enfant. Food Truck Fiesta is a good source of information.

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        I'd like to keep it under $10 or so for breakfast and under $25 for lunch with tax and tip. Around $30 for dinner.

      2. Beer and Welding
        2024 P St NW

        Terrific sandwiches. Only $9.