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Bottega Americano--New Spot in Thomas Jefferson Law School Dowtown

Guess they've opened (or are having a soft opening)....being compared to Eataly in CHI and NYC and they've spent a fortune designing the place...good friend of mine from NY has just texted me from there and gives it two thumbs up...will try and check out this weekend.



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  1. Looks great inside. I guess this is something of a miniature upscale manifestation of a food court? Or food court meets market? Sounds like fun. I'll look forward to visiting. Thanks for the links.

      1. It sure does look good. I hope they offer internships to TJ law school students. With a roughly 54% pass rate on the California Bar exam, they're gonna need a plan B.

        1. It's only like Eataly after maybe a dip in a cold swimming pool. Shrinkage.

          My buddy who lives above the place says they have some interesting cocktails. But very expensive pastries.

          1. Pretty good meal and I will return....friend and I shared a meat and cheese platter (highly recommend the speck and mortadella) and butter leaf lettuce....I had the pizza (good crust) and he had the gnocchi. Pretty good wine selection and reasonably priced, by the glass and bottle....nice, adult vibe for East Village.

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              Do they make the chacuterie in house ? If not what's their source ?

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                In house, according to server...I also like, as an anti-social person, that they had a TV in the corner of the bar (was able to watch the football game while dining)...also a cool spot to sit as you can look out through the window at the street and trolley...not crazy about their permitting dogs on the patio--I don't eat nor sleep with animals. Also, as far as main entrees (i.e. chicken, salmon), you have to order and pay separately for side dishes.

                I'm not going to go as far as to say this is the best Italian I've ever had (and not sure how the author of the article I attached a link to compared this to Eataly--definitely not from sheer size alone), but the dishes we had were good and I can see making this a regular stop.

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                    We went opening day, Sunday, with six people. What impressed me most was the amount of supervisor level people on the floor and behind the counter making sure things were being done right. Water glasses and drinks were kept full, people checked back that things were ok, service was attentive and spot on. May it continue!
                    Food was very good. We ordered five fresh pasta dishes and shared. All were different and very good to excellent. One was a bit too salty, which we mentioned, and a chef came out to talk about it.
                    We picked up some things from the market counter to take home. A nice guy with an executive chef jacket spent some time explaining to my 15 year old cheese officiado how they made their burrata. We took some home, along with raspberry cream puffs, both were delicious.
                    Nice space. Noisy by dinner time, but the outside seating was very peaceful. I'm hoping it will only improve with time. Impressive for a first day!

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                      Thanks for the review, sounds promising.

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                        Very happy with our meal, which included a charcuterie board, yellowtail crudo, beet salad, little gem green salad, a pappardelle with lamb sugo, and an amazing peach carpaccio dessert.

                        We wondered if our Über had taken a wrong turn and transported us 500 miles north.

                        Sadly, yes, urban warehouse environment that got too loud.

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                          Excellent Sir Fakey!

                          What did Mr.13 have?


                1. Went for a late lunch on Sunday after reading about it here Food was amazing! Charcuterie with duck prosciutto and salami with black truffles, a triple creme cheese, and a nice Gorgonzola and one other that I forgot ,then we split the arugula pizza with figs and speck , corn ravioli and the hangar steak with roasted fingerling potatoes... Spaghetti and meatballs for the chow pup in our group which were also delicious!

                  Then the chocolate bundino for dessert. Nice size on the portions

                  I am still dreaming about the corn ravioli!

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                      thanks for sharing...though now that the UT wrote them up, we are doomed.

                    2. three's a great restaurant inside the law school ??????

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                        It does seem like an odd venue.

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                          Not technically inside, more like adjacent to.

                          And, really, calling Thomas Jeferson School of Law a law school is sort of like saying Taylor's is a steakhouse.

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                            Ah. Adjacent. That makes more sense. Inside seemed a bit unusual, to say the least. Obviously, I haven't been yet.

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                              You will probably be quite surprised once inside the venue, I think it is really visually beautiful and looks like a restaurant we would be more apt to see in SF, CHI, or other larger markets. The building itself is a stunning LEED certified building across from our fabulous new downtown library. Dined there for a late lunch on Saturday and the food we had (little gems salad (with real fishies on top), Mary's roasted half chicken and mussels with chorizo was all very good - especially considering it has only been open a week. The entrance is a bit misleading (on Park) given the address and led to some confusion in seating and service at first, but it all worked out just fine.

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                                That's good to know about the entrance being on Park.

                                I thought the photo that was on one of El Chevere's original links made the dining area look very attractive. I'm looking forward to going.

                                The mussels with chorizo is probably what I'll try first!

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                              if i'm not mistaken it's ABA but just barely, etc ??????

                              maybe a slightly fine-dining restaurant is the perk for attendance.

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                                You don't like Taylor's Steakhouse up in LA? While it may be super old school, the last time I was there, the steaks were pretty darn good. Of course that was about 10+ years ago, I don't venture much into downtown LA anymore.

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                                    I guess I'd better not suggest Red Tracton's for you where you are down in Solana Beach.

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                                  Ouch, ipsedixit. Okay, then, Western State University College of Law, as I remember it.

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                                  No technicality...it's part of (i.e. in) the law school building and to whom (law school) they pay the lease to. Is McCormick & Schmicks adjacent to the Omni Hotel?--no, it's part of/inside the hotel. Granted, both restaurants have their own entrances. Questioning whether that 'law school' is a law school worthy of your time and money is open to more debate....up until a year ago, a 'perk' of the law school was that you got free admission to Fit Athletic Club--i.e. the law school paid the gym upfront to let its students work out there for free, though I suspect they built it into the tuition. Nonetheless, with a new law school dean came the termination of that program.