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Sep 2, 2014 01:31 PM

Good Asian/Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco?

Hello everyone,

I just moved to San Francisco and will meet european family friends tomorrow for dinner - they have asked me to take them to a good asian/maybe vietnamese restaurant - where would you take them? We are looking into something that is not too expensive but nevertheless a cool place. Preferably in Mission/Union Square/SoMa.

Excited for your suggestions. Thanks a lot,

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  1. d

    The OP specified Mission/Union Square/SOMA. The places mentioned are not in those areas. Unless the European visitors like that sort of neighborhood (which I do), they will be unlikely to find the Tenderloin/Civic Center area (aka the urine district) to be very cool.

    I haven't tried this location, but assuming the food is at least nearly as good as the original, Lers Ros in the Mission would fit the bill.

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    Angkor-Borei (Cambodian)

    Kin Khao (Thai)

    Lers Ros (Thai; the original branch on Larkin gets a lot of Thai customers so may have better food than the spinoffs)

    Maybe not Bodega Bistro:


    I'd second Turtle Tower for Vietnamese, Tin's Vietnamese (SOMA) may be another optiob. Also agree with Lers Ros for Thai, and would add House of Thai.

    If you want to go in another (culinary) direction, Burmese Kitchen.

    Angkor Borei may be too far a trek. It's on Mission, but beyond "The Mission" and out of BART reach.

    Also not a Bodega Bistro fan, and Slanted Door may be too fusion-y and over-priced.


    The OP specified dinner and the Tenderloin Turtle Tower now closes at 5. They used to close at 8 for a brief period before they moved down the block, but the new location is back to their previous hours.

    Pagolac is also a solid option, especially for the 7 courses of beef.


    I really loved Lers Ros. It's Thai, it's cool, not expensive but not cheap. It's in Hayes Valley, which is an interesting place to take visitors.


    late post but for what it's worth. In the Mission, Mau hands down. If you can go for lunch then you're in for a treat with the banh mi. If FiDi is doable then by all means go to Unicorn, you won't regret it. both places very affordable


    A cool place would be Slanted Door, although it is on the pricey side for Vietnamese. Still, it is very popular with visitors:

    Less expensive and less cool, but still great food would be Bodega Bistro.

    Even less expensive, and more authentic than the two above recs would be Turtle Tower, where its newest location (near the Civic Center) has some vibe to it: