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Sep 2, 2014 09:00 AM

Favorite chicken broth no longer available in MSP!

One unforeseen fallout of the Rainbow store sales---Roundy's Organics Chicken Broth is no longer available at any of the remaining stores. This broth was a good and convenient shortcut to making chicken soup when I don't have homemade on hand. Namely, the sodium's not as bad as many, it doesn't have a bunch of junk ingredients, and it tastes quite decent.

I need to find a replacement ... What are your top choices?

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  1. I like Better Than Bouillon quite a bit. It comes in a jar as a concentrate, so you don't have to constantly replenish heavy cans or boxes, and while it does have salt, I don't think it's too much. Just add it to boiling water and you've got instant stock. The new Longfellow Market had it on sale a few weeks back for under $5 - a very good price.

    1. I like the Trader Joes Organic Low Sodium Chicken Broth - and I tried an Aldi version a few weeks ago that wasn't bad...

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        I think TJ Organic Low Sodium is as good or better than Roundy's, Aldi's is OK but not available all the time.

      2. A little bit of thread drift here, but I thought the Roundy's brand of some items, chix broth included, were very good products and very good deals. Their pastas, for example, were 100% durum semolina. Barilla is only part durum semolina.

        1. My wife has recently been buying the "Better than Bullion" brand chicken and beef bases. I think she gets them at Costco, but it may be Cub. I lose track.
          You basically use 1 teaspoon of base for every 8oz of water. One jar goes a long, long way and it is as good as any store bought variety of broths that I've had the chance to try and way more effective than bullion cubes.
          If you want a stronger flavor, you can add a whole tablespoon.
          Another option if you want to save some $$$ without sacrificing flavor.

          1. Better than Bouillon's OK, but a bit too salty for me. I like Kitchen Basics. Have heard Swanson's specialty chicken broths (not the standard one) are decent, but haven't tried them myself.