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Sep 2, 2014 08:47 AM

ISO Gâteau du Vully (AKA Vully Kuchen) Recipe

Does anyone have a recipe to share for this Swiss cake? It's basically a sweet yeasted dough that's rolled out similar to pizza, and topped with butter, sugar (and sometimes an egg yolk). There are other iterations, but this is the simplest. Thanks.

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  1. There are a lot of recipes for this when you Google it, though they seem mainly to be in French or German. I never heard of it before, but it looks wonderful.

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    1. re: roxlet

      Thanks, there are a lot of recipes out there, but I'm hoping for someone's tried and true!

      1. re: TerriL

        I have never made a gateau de Vully, but I trust the recipes on, if I were to make a gateau de Vully, I'd certainly use that recipe. I seem to recall seeing a recipe in a Swiss cookbook, but I am unable to locate it right now, however, I have found that swissmilk uses pretty standard/published recipes.

        Personally, I think I would like a "Rahmwaehe" better than the gateau de Vully, but that is a personal preference.

        1. re: walliser

          Do you mean Rahm Wähe mit Quitten or Apfel?

          1. re: chefj

            Indeed I was thinking of Rahm Wähe, with Wähe dough, not yeast dough like the Gateau de Vully.

            I have some fond memories of freshly made Nidlewaehe though never with fruit, that is new to me. I have a fondness for Quitten (quince)...

            1. re: walliser

              May be German rather than Swiss?

          2. re: walliser

            I'm going to make the recipe from the Swiss Club Victoria website, which comes from "The Swiss Cookbook" by Betty Bossy:

            Rahm Wähe is heavier than what I'm after here. I'll post with results after I've tried it. Cheers.

            1. re: TerriL

              Betty Bossy is where I was looking and it must be in one of the books I don't have. Anything from Betty Bossy should work just fine.