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Sep 2, 2014 08:06 AM

Name That Knive

I found this knife at a flea market and I really don't know what it's purpose is.
It does say' "Made in France", it is about 4" and has a small nub on the blade. Its not that sharp.
I was thinking maybe for cheese?
Any ideas Chow Hounds?

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  1. -Possibly- an oyster knife, to open oysters...


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    1. Likely a hard cheese knife. Is there any curve to the blade?


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      1. re: knifesavers

        Yes it does curve just a bit.
        I was thinking oysters as well. That small nip in the blade throws me.

        1. re: windward

          When you twist the knife to pry open the shell, you don't want the sharp edge of the blade pushing against the shell. The shell on that side of the blade should rest in the notch. This also lessens the possibility of the knife slipping and causing injury to the user.

      2. Cheese knife- hard cheese such as Parmesan.

        1. There is a virtually identical knife and earlier thread. The concensus was that these are clam and/or oyster knives.

          1. Yes, I would definitely say it's to open shellfish. I have one of these I bought at Williams Sonoma about 20 years ago.