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Sep 2, 2014 07:38 AM

Harwhich and Chatham

In the area for 3 nights. Already made reservations at 28. Please suggest 2 other places for dinner. Chime in on Vers,Pisces, etc. Casual is fine, though must have really good food. Going afterwards to Boston, so suggest places that are local.

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  1. Had the Chef's Tasting Menu at Viera in Harwichport last Saturday. Great upscale restaurant you should try.

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      Good to hear. I drove by this several times this year and it didn't seem too inviting from the exterior so I was waiting to hear some feedback. I checked another restaurant site and they had a perfect 5 star (out of 5 star) rating from all 13 reviews they have received so far; not a huge sample, but nothing negative either.

    2. I love Pisces. They normally have a seafood risotto on the menue every night that is great. Not many places do risotto right but Pisces has been great (caveat: I didn't make it to Pisces this season however).

      I did get to Del Mar Bistro (Chatham) twice this year and it was good but I'd pick Pisces over it every time. (The reason I went to Del Mar twice this year and not Pisces was because we had kids with us on both occassions and the Pisces menu would not suit my kids).

      The Lazy Lobster in Chatham is a nice little place I just discovered this year for breakfast. Small and gets crowded after 8 am. A lot of people will chime in with Hangar B for breakfast. Food is great (and not cheap), but it can get really packed on weekends with hour+ waits.

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        Here is another place in Harwich that I went to last season: Mooncussers. I never hear much about it on this board this but we really liked it. I will say that we went with another coupe which helped as we sampled a majority of the tapas.

      2. Viera doesn't take reservations for parties less than 6 ( and we refuse to stand on line), Pisces is closed Mon and Tues. Please keep suggesting. What about Cape Sea Grill, Impudent Oyster, Thoreau's, Chatham Squire? Please continue....

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          I liked Impudent Oyster. I went with a group and most of us ordered tuna dishes and we were all happy with the food and the service. I recall a decent wine list as well. Unfortunately I don't remember details because we drank at the Squire afterward! Chatham Squire is a dive bar- beer out of the bottle and drinks in plastic cups. Sticky tables and sticky floors. Fun place but not sure if I would try the food based on the looks of the bar. We also liked Wild Goose Tavern. Great service. A regular stop for us is Brax. It isn't fancy but the food and drinks are good and the view is outstanding.
          We are headed to the Cape next week and Mooncussers is on my short list.

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            We were at the Impudent Oyster this past week - excellent food, unexpected pairings of things and very fresh. The place is packed packed packed - make a reservation well in advance.

            We had the raw local oyster platter for starters, followed by a bouillibaise and a special etouffee. (Sorry - not spell-checking those).

            The service is very professional and we see the same servers there year after year.

            1. re: shoes

              I'll second the recommendation of Impudent Oyster. It's a favorite of ours and have never had a bad meal.