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Sep 2, 2014 06:46 AM

Local trash fish

I'm looking to find some locally-sourced but often hard to find fish in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville. I'd especially like to find porgy (aka scup) and Acadian redfish, but am interested in anything else that you think might be good eating, especially served raw as a crudo. I've not had much luck at Courthouse, Fresh Pond Seafood, or New Deal. Any ideas?

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  1. I am sure I have seen scup at Market Basket in Burlington. The fish there is very good, due to high turnover. You could call ahead and ask.

    Another possibility for trash fish is H-Mart, just around the corner. However my impression has been that local sourcing is not a priority at H-Mart. For example, even though mackerel are a local fish, whenever I look, the mackerel at H-Mart come from Norway.

    1. In the past I have bought scup at Roslindale Fish Market. Everything he sells is very fresh.

      1. Try Red's Best Fish.

        They are at most of the Farmer's Markets downtown; probably other spots too.

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          9lives is right. I've bought either scup or tautog from Red's at the Farmer's Market. Sorry, I can't remember which it was.

          9lives, Have you seen scup at Happy Family in Chinatown? I can't remember. By the way, have I thanked you for letting everyone know about that small shop.


          1. re: BostonZest

            BZ, Glad you like Happy Family. Pretty sure I have seen scup there.

        2. I'm surprised you haven't had much luck at New Deal. I seem to recall seeing scup (from R.I., I think) there regularly. You might want to talk to them about what you're looking for and see if they can get it for you.

          1. In Marblehead at 5 Corners Kitchen they often have Dogfish and at Rowans in Beverly Scup .... Just in case your ever up on the North Shore.