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Suggestions for what to do with a quart of bacon fat?

Is bacon fat suitable for confit? Or is it too strong and assertive?
What other ideas do you have?
Also how long can it last in the fridge?

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  1. it's strongly flavored for confit, but you could mix it with another fat.

    it makes amazing roasted potatoes and will last about forever in the freezer. since it won't freeze "solid" you can just break off chunks as you need them.

    1. Pie crust for savory pies.

      I store it in a jar in the fridge. Lasts pretty much forever.

      1. It's immortal.

        Sear scallops in it.

        Use it to "butter" the outside of the bread when making grilled cheese sandwiches. (OT, but mayo is also good for that purpose.)

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          Yes, scallops in bacon fat are scallop perfection.

          Wilted lettuce salad is a family favorite.

          Add a spoonful to veggies rather than butter.

          Great for fried rice, too.

        2. I would totally try confit - either pork ribs or chicken thighs. I've never done it but others before us have tried it and posted there results online.

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            I have had good results making confit with it. You can also use it as a fat for hearty salad dressings.

            You can also make rilettes and use as an everyday fat for poultry and potatoes.

            It's also a good fat for grilling breads for sandwiches or toasting them for salad croutons.

          2. I always post this, but it's one of my favorites.

            Make bacon cream gravy. It's made like sausage gravy, but substitute bacon drippings and crumbled bacon for the sausage. Serve over biscuits or mashed potatoes or rice.

            Another is warm potato salad with bacon and bacon drippings.

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              oh, yes! this reminded me i have used it with bourbon in deviled eggs.

              1. Bacon grease lasts forever, especially in the fridge or freezer. Plenty of uses for it..

                Cook potatoes & onions in a skillet in the grease. Toss potatoes in it to roast in the oven. Roast onions, garlic & carrots in it.

                Use it to grease the pan to bake cornbread & add some melted to the batter to hype up the flavor. Take leftover cornbread, cut into cubes and toss in melted bacon grease then bake for croutons. Delicious in a salad or soup.

                Add to a savory cheese or vegetable scone dough. Add to a savory pie crust for quiche or other tart. Would be nice in a pie crust for warm apple pie; garnish with some cheddar.

                Add to a higher burning point oil like peanut or vegetable oil to fry chicken, pork chops, french fries, breaded vegetables like squash, cheese sticks, mushrooms, etc.

                1. I love bacon as most do but I'm not a fan of bacon on or in everything which is very popular now. I never understand taking a delicately flavored sea scallop or shrimp and wrapping them in bacon. The bacon dominates the flavor. Unless smokiness works in a dish I’d rather not include it. It works great braising cabbage or Brussels sprouts, rissole potatoes, NE clam chowder etc. It keeps a long time (months or more) and a real long time in the freezer (years).

                  1. But there are many many sources for bacon fat. Double smoked? Smoked? Not smoked? The breed of hog? All these things make for all kinds of flavors and 'mouth feel'.
                    IMO confit needs a delicate fat. That's why goose or duck is preferred.
                    Personally I would freeze the bacon fat in ice cube trays then into Zip locks. Fried potatoes would be my preference.

                    1. I use it for sauteeing onions for fresh green beans and just about any kind of canned bean. For refrieds I just put in a spoon or two as a flavoring. It's also great as the fat in flour tortillas.

                      1. I use it to make country-style hash browns. Aka fried potatoes.

                        1. Glaze cherries with it.

                          1. do yourself and your body a favor-throw it away!

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                              No. They should just throw away all the meat in the house and become a vegan. Then they can enjoy concocting weird Frankenfood dishes. /sarcasm

                            2. I keep a jar of bacon drippings in the fridge at all times. Salad dressing, frying stuff...invaluable

                                1. I like to save mine all year long and then rub my turkey down with it the morning of Thanksgiving.

                                  1. I keep bacon fat in the fridge and use it as an additive to other oils. You'd be surprised at how just a little bit mixed with olive oil or grapeseed oil will liven up a dish w/o having too much bacon flavor or being greasy. It's very good for popcorn or sauteed string beans. Experiment a little at a time.

                                      1. Put 2T in a cast iron skillet in a 450F oven while you prepare cornbread dough/batter, and then pour the bread into the skillet.

                                        Bacon fat lasts fine for at least a year in the cold part of the fridge (assuming you keep your fridge properly cold), longer in the freezer.

                                        You can also use it to flavor other neutral oils. You can melt a bit and add it to salad dressing at the time of serving, for example. You can likewise add a bit to oils that you use to dress roasted/grilled vegetables. And likewise you can flavor oils that you use to saute/fry foods, more or less according to your taste.

                                        Because bacon fat is a solid (though not hard) fat at room temperature, it will tend to act more like other solid fats and shortening (as opposed to oil) in baked savory goods.

                                        1. Great for many uses/purposes; especially if it is from a pastured pig and not factory smoked.

                                          1. A gumbo roux will use a cup or more...

                                            1. I like using it for oven fries. Toss a few tablespoons of bacon fat on a sheet pan, put it in the oven to melt, and prep sweet potatoes, squash, regular potatoes, whatever. Then I let them "fry" on the pan in the oven. Adds a nice salty smoky flavor to the oven fries.

                                              1. Lucky you! I like to slice broccoli and celery, mince some garlic, and then quickly brown in a little bacon fat. Great over pasta or rice.

                                                Wilted salads and for making cornbread are great ideas too.

                                                1. Thanks for the many good suggestions!