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SGV: MaMa's Kitchen returns...

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Long-time dumpling, noodle, wonton & snack house, MaMa's Kitchen, recently closed in the Alhambra plaza that's home to 101 Noodle House and the bowling alley. Cruising around yesterday, I spotted this sign. I walked in, but apparently everyone was in back. It used to be a steam table joint called Quick Meal and the laminated menus still say Quick Meal while the grease stained menus only list some of MaMa's former menu, but included beef rolls. It's located in a small mini mall at 153 E. Duarte in Arcadia, just west of 2nd and next to a Carl's Jr. Further recon is needed to see if they have all of MaMa's wide variety of dumplings or if they still make a beef roll worthy of TonyC's recommendation.

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  1. thanks for the update!!

      1. wow. i actually recognized ma ma jia before i read the english.

        rather unfortunate that they neglected to proof read the new sign before installing

        1. i'm not driving up to Duarte Rd for a beef roll just like i'm not waiting an hour for XLB.

          it is hilarious they just turned the old "U" upside down though.

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          1. re: TonyC

            That's actually Arcadia on Duarte Rd. Which puts it near the Race Track and Mall. Still too far?

            1. re: Ogawak


              sorry, I've become rather afraid of SGV traffic as I age. Arcadia might as well be Oxnard.

              some richer, closer, Taiwanese Arcadian will have to tell me if Mama's is still as big of an eggy gut bomb.