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Jun 11, 2006 12:14 AM

Liquid smoke

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I have recently come across a lot of recipes that use this. Apparently it gives that great outdoor smoky/grilled taste to meats even if you don't cook them on a grill. Does anyone know where I can et it in Montreal?

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  1. Liquid smoke you can get anywhere. Grocery stores have it in the "sauces" area.

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    1. re: eatwell

      Or you could visit Anatol in Little Italy, just a few doors south of Milano.

      1. re: Dave

        Folies en vrac carries it. I haven't seen it at many grocery stores.

        1. re: Beccaroo

          Likewise, I have seldom seen this in grocery stores here, but specialty/gourmet stores often have it. I know "les Douceurs du Marche" in the Atwater market carries it, as I am sure many of the Laurier street gourmet shops would. But be advised, the flavour of liquid smoke is, in my experience, a poor imitation of the proper taste of smoked barbecue. It is a common ingredient in commercial barbecue sauces, and the "smokiness" of these will give you a good idea as to its flavour.