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Aug 31, 2014 04:21 PM

Atticus Creamery and Pies

Soft opening today and they said grand opening tomorrow. Located on Westwood and Pico, I'm hoping this place lives up to its potential. Had two scoops - lemon lavender and corn. Corn was really refreshing and just tastes like summer. The lemon lavender's consistency was a tad icy and the lavender was a little forward, but it kinda grew on me. Hoping they give Coldstone next door some competition.

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  1. Funny, I literally walked by there 24 hours ago and they were still interviewing for help. Also, the space looked FAR from ready for opening.

      1. In tonight, ten customers at 8pm. Zero at Coldstone 3 doors down, confirming that people do often choose the better option when there is one. They have nine ice cream flavors and four pie flavors. HONEY ice cream is a show stopper. I've always liked the idea of it (Haagen Dazs had one in the 90s), and Atticus' is the best version I've ever tasted. Haven't tried the lemon lavender pie w raspberry gelee base yet, but looks promising.

        Nice, enthusiastic staff, great addition to the neighborhood, and I'll be back.

        Noon - 10pm. Park in a lot half a block west.

        1. Greatly enjoyed Atticus over the weekend. I love their selection of flavors, one gripe I have about Sweet Rose Creamery is that I don't care for their selection of flavors.

          We chose 4: Apple Pie, Salted Caramel with Popcorn, Chai Chocolate and Sweet Corn. I liked Sweet Corn best with Chai Chocolate a close second. The best thing was there were more flavors I wanted to try in the future.

          An aside, the previous week we tried Rocco's Cheesecake on Pico across from the Santa Monica College. The cheesecakes were smooth in flavor and not too rich. They were enjoyable. The only problem I had was the lack of fruit flavors. I prefer blueberries or strawberries to top my cheesecakes.

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            next time you visit if you've an Xtra 5 minutes, it would be my honor to top any of your desserts with a fruit compote of your choice... (thx for stopping in)

          2. We ordered a banana cream pie from Atticus for Thanksgiving. I believe it was around $40, which seems like a lot for a pie, but it was huge - probably could serve 12. The crust was shaped from a tart mold - dense and substantial. The babana cream filling was very rich and flavorful, and the whipped cream was quite rich and dense. I even received a text from them asking if we were happy with the pie, which we were. I told them the only thing I would add to make this pie over the top would be a layer of dark chocolate between the pie crust and the filling. This serves to not only add another layer of flavor, it also keeps the crust protected from moisture seeping in from the filling. Between Atticus and The Apple Pan, West LA has a couple of very good choices for pies.