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Aug 31, 2014 03:01 PM

Will adding a little water while making chicken stock dilute it?

I'm making chicken stock, but the water level has lowered by about an inch. Is it ok to add more water at this point or will it dilute the stock? Would it help if I add another chicken bone when I add more water?

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  1. More water and more chicken bone, all good. I always slap a lid on my stock while it's cooking (after the initial boil when it's on simmer) to help with losing water... I just like to make sure all the bones are covered while cooking.

    1. You need to keep the solids submerged in order to get the flavor out of them. You can add meat/bone any time. If you want more of a vegetable presence, add additional carrot, celery, herbs, etc., during the last 30 minutes of simmering. Once the solids are spent, you strain, and taste the stock. If it is weak, return it to the heat and cook uncovered to reduce the volume, which intensifies the flavor. You can reduce it way down to thickly syrupy, or even pasty, so as to save freezer space. You then dilute it as needed when you're using it. Having a container of this around allows you to add a dollop to sauces that need some oomph. But you have to reduce the heat once the stock gets down to syrupy, lest it scorch.

      1. <Is it ok to add more water at this point or will it dilute the stock?>

        Yes, and yes (to your two-part question)

        1. Yes...or maybe a little white wine instead of water.