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Aug 31, 2014 02:33 PM

nice sushi on, SF'er here

Need help Manhattanites! We are from San Francisco and need some sushi guidance. It's the one cuisine we've never experienced the real deal on, just run of the mill sushi bars and we are ready for it. The problem is we need to be somewhat budget minded and are limited to a Sunday night. Interested only in sushi/nigiri...not cooked dishes. The following is what I've seen so far..any advice is GREATLY appreciate. I'm having paralysis by analysis. Need to stay under $200 for two people

Sushi of Gari
Sushi Abuza
Sushi Yasaka

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  1. Gari UES is the only way to go on a sunday evening.

    Go with nigiri only. Sashimi is more expensive. Tell them no foie gras. That's pricy, too.

    1. Sunday night is not ideal for sushi.... I would consider one of the great izakaya style places here (easily under your budget unless you order $$$ sake) such as rockmeisha, sake bar hagi, and yoppari.....

      1. I've always enjoyed Sushi of Gari (in Midtown).

        It won't "wow" you, but it certainly is good enough to scratch the sushi itch.

        Never been on a Sunday, however.

        1. Aghhh even people from San Francisco know about my downstairs gem Yasaka?!

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            If we only had good sushi here, I'm sorry to out your haunt. Is the omakase good there?

            1. re: Jsimo01

              Ha, no worries at all. Yes, the omakase is a very good value. Everything comes at once with 12 pieces and a cut roll, as opposed to one piece at a time. Kind of varies from night to night in the sense that sometimes it's more nouveau with garnishes of jalapeno and avocado, sometimes much more spartan. Excellent either way. Enjoy if you go, just please don't tell your friends ; )

          2. I'm an idiot, I meant sushi Azabu