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Aug 30, 2014 07:14 PM


I'm not sure if this question is allowed but does anyone know where I can sell 5 boxes of raw Hazelnuts (25lb boxes)? (Oregon Hazelnuts) I had problems bringing them into Canada so need to get rid of them this coming week.

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  1. You probably don't want to mess with selling them in small portions, and I sure don't need even 25 lbs.--but if you do decide to break them up, I'd love a few pounds, if the price is decent!

    1. Are they shelled? Skin on or off? Holmquist or another recognizeable farm? I could potentially take a box, but I vastly prefer skinned hazelnuts for my applications, I don't have time to mess around with skinning 25# of nuts.

      Do the people you bought them from have any local distributors that could take them? I've bought cases of Holmquist hazelnuts from Merlino foods. You could also contact smaller specialty food dealers, like Frank's produce, Full Circle Farms (I'm thinking of their CSA), or Corfini Gourmet.

      125# is sort of an odd amount. That's too much for most small restaurants to want at once, though you could try selling them by the case to restaurants, especially if you have any chef connections. Otherwise I could see someone like Fran's or Theo using a lot of nuts, but they may use much larger quantities. Or maybe Hotcakes, they are making chocolate covered hazelnuts.

      You could also contact Food Lifeline to see if they know of any food banks that would take them as a donation. I recently had an excess of cookies that I made for an event and didn't sell very many of, the folks at Food Lifeline hooked me up with St. Vincent de Paul, who took them to distribute to the people they help.

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        I'd like to sell them all to one person. I realize it is too large for most and too little for others. I've donated things which we had problems importing before but I'd prefer to sell the hazelnuts.

        Thank you for the suggestion of asking my supplier if he has customers in Seattle. I think that is probably the best thing to do. I don't know why I didn't think of that myself earlier.

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          Fare Start: is a local non-profit that runs the Fare Start restaurant to raise funds to support food-service training programs administered directly to homeless people contacted through local social-service agencies. Every Thursday, they serve a full restaurant of 200 guests a $30 three-course meal. Chefs line up to contribute their gifts to this excellent cause and the results of these contributions are working all around town all day long, every day. It's a good program and they'd most likely be able to present some local chefs with the opportunity to have a blast working with a really bountiful supply of hazelnuts. I'd definitely go that night and take friends. I can see Brad, of Brad's Swingside Cafe making a lovely hazelnut pesto for 200 with those.

        2. Is it the quantity that's the problem? Perhaps you could repackage them in 5lb boxes and ship them to yourself.

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            gh1618: The goods are commercial so I'd rather not risk having problems later. Thank you for the idea though. I might have given that a go if I were a little more desperate ;)

            mrnelso: I am waiting for my supplier to be open so I can see what he recommends. If he doesn't have a solution then Fare Start sounds like a very good possibility. Thanks for the detailed information on them.