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Aug 30, 2014 06:53 PM

Stove Top Chicken Tips?

Hi Folks,

I'm not the most experienced cook and have always had trouble cooking chicken on the stove top. I can never seem to get chicken breasts fully cooked through. I'd like to learn how to do this so I don't have to always follow up with roasting in the oven. I currently do a combination of searing then roasting which is great but also more time consuming.

Do you all have any tips on how I can get this down? I'd also like to not smoke up my apartment if i can help it lol... cooking on cast iron.

Should I slice the chicken breasts very thin? Switch to a stainless pan?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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  1. Sounds like you might be using too much heat. Covering the pan will also help to cook the meat through.

    Cast iron should work. Use medium or even medium low heat. Get the pan hot, add enough oil to just cover the bottom then put the breasts in and put a lid on the pan. Try 10 minutes a side then check for internal temperature.

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      This. Brown one side of the seasoned breast in oil (or butter/fat) over medium, then flip it, COVER, and turn heat down to low. For BLSL chicken breasts, cook 10 minutes and don't lift the lid. After 10 minutes, turn off the heat and let sit, covered still, for another 10 minutes.

      It works every time. I've done it with slightly smaller and slightly larger breasts and they are always done perfectly and stay very juicy.

      It works just as well if you're cooking marinated breasts, or cooking in a sauce.

      One note: this method doesn't produce a nice crust. I think doing it in cast iron like hal2010 noted would help with this. Or you could cook for the 10 minutes, covered, and sear as your last step. Remove the lid, crank the heat, and cook for a minute or two on each side until golden brown.

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        Thank you for the great replies! I'm going to give this a shot today.

    2. Patience and lower heat.

      1. You could pound them so they are a thinner and will cook more evenly.

        1. if using skinless, you can poach them. pretty fool-proof.

          1. As others have suggested sauté in a hot pan then add a little liquid (1/4 cup approx. of white wine, chix stock or water)then put a tight fitting lid on the pan and reduce the heat. You can make a simple pan sauce afterwards by turning up the heat, reducing the liquid and adding some whole butter to emulsify. You can add herbs at this point if you have them. I prefer chicken thighs, either boneless skinless or bone in skin on, because they have a richer flavor and are less likely to overcook and turn to sawdust.

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              I just wanted to check-in and say that all the tips were great. I lowered the heat to medium and used the cover on the skilled which gave me great results. zackly's chicken stock suggestions also really improved this for me. Big thanks to everyone!