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Jun 8, 2006 03:47 PM

Place des Arts vicinity

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I'll be coming for the Jazz Festival, and am looking for every possibility from snacks to all sorts of restaurants in the area. One of my favorite places, Vieux Istanbul is no longer. I know about Basha in Complexe Desjardins which has pretty decent shawarma. In Chinatown I like Pho Bang, but I haven't found Chinese that knocks my socks off.

A friend and I have a Friday 7:30 show followed by a 10 PM on 6/30, so we're looking for an early dinner; I suppose we can do Vieux Montreal if we go at 5:30--any great place for under $60 with moderate alcohol?

Any not to be missed place (anywhere in town) for Saturday brunch?

I'm really looking forward to visiting the Pinnacle ice cidery when we drive up from Burlington.


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  1. In the Old Montreal, I recommend Holder. It's bistro food, not too expensive and very comforting.

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      fellow chowhound

      There is a nice vietnamese place about a block east of Place des Arts...The name is Ong Ga Can. The food is a little more "upscale" then your typical vietnamese noodle house. I have been there twice for the lemon grass beef rolls where they serve the rice wrappers separately and you make your own...I guess kind of like a vietnamese style fajita.

      As for Chinese food, restaurant mon nan on Clark Street serves a really authentic peking duck. Make sure you go to the upper level of the restaurant which is where they serve the Northern Style food. Their chef is a real authentic Szechuan style chef. Their steamed porc dumplings are good too.

      Otherwise for your run of the mill Chinese noodle house I would just go to Beijing on the corner of St. Urban and La Gauchetiere...anyways hope this helps...

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        Peter Cherches

        Thanks! Mon Nan upstairs sounds like a good bet, but you say Northern-style & authentic Szechuan in the same sentence. Northern-style would be Beijing. Sichuan is central China.

        I think I might have been to that Vietnamese place--just east of Metropolis? Actually, there's a decent hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese within a block of it, and a mediocre in-betweeny place.

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          Peter Cherches

          To complicate matters further, another Chowhound says they serve Shanghai-style upstairs!


      2. For Chinese, Niu Kee (1163 Clark just north of René-Lévesque, 514 227-0484). See the Hour review linked to below for the deets.

        For that early $60 dinner, Holder's a good bet for bistro. The food at Café du Nouveau Monde (84 Sainte-Catherine West corner of Clark, 514 866-8669, isn't quite at the same level, but the location is convenient to PDA, maybe even too convenient. For something backstreetly different, Cluny ArtBar (257 Prince near Ottawa, 514 866-1213,, though only on Thursdays and Fridays. If you're jonesing for something east/southeast of Istanbul and aren't allergic to a metro ride, have late lunch at Syrian/Armenian Le Petit Alep (191 Jean-Talon E., 514 270-9361) and follow it up with an ice cream or sorbet from Harve aux glaces at the Jean-Talon Market.

        Brunch has been covered extensively in recent threads; do a search on the word and you'll turn most of them up. My picks these days are Réservoir, Leméac and Byblos.


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          Peter Cherches

          Thanks a million for those great sounding tips.