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Aug 30, 2014 09:24 AM

USA Yogurt Recommendations

Having recently moved from the UK to the USA, one of the main things I am missing is yogurt! I've sampled a few different kinds of the yogurt on offer here but have found that it is either too thick in texture (Yoplait) or has strange gritty bits in it (Dannon). I've even tried the Muller Corners, which were my favourite back in the UK but are a totally different texture here in the US.

Any suggestions for a smooth, less-thick yogurt brand for me to try? Getting sick of wasting money on something so trivial!

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  1. Go to a natural foods store and get a plain organic one.

    You should read the ingredients before putting yogurt into your cart - we love additives in the USA (not!). This will help you make your food purchasing decisions.

    1. Try Stonyfield Plain -- it tastes the most like European/UK yoghurt that I've found.

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        I've tried Stonyfield, it's definitely the closest!

        Sandylc, don't get me started on the additives. Grocery shopping each week is a nightmare!

      2. I've been in the US almost 10 years, some of the food takes some getting used to, yoghurt is one, finding bread that's not sweet is another. Actually finding a lot of things that are not overly sweet is a bit of a challenge, American canned soups (some), pies, cakes and cookies (biscuits) are much sweeter than we're used to. They have sweet butter here (ugh), Cadbury's chocolate is different too.

        Publix grocery stores in Florida have British sections so I do stock up on a few goodies like Orange Barley Water, Digestive biscuits, Ryvita, Jacobs Cream Crackers.

        I have learned what to avoid or substitute. Maybe you could find a yoghurt culture and make your own?

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          Smartie, the term "sweet butter" just means it hasn't been salted -- read the ingredients, but there's usually no sugar added.

          One of the most ridiculously sweet soups I've ever tasted was the Cream of Tomato soup I bought in the UK...

          1. re: sunshine842

            And Beans, and Candy Bars, and Desserts etc...... Even Bread from the Paki Takeaways!

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            Pies or Cookies bought from a reputable Bakery will not be overly sweet and surpass much of what I recently had in the UK in Quality and Flavor. Bread Bakeries mostly take their ques from Italian and French Bread baking traditions and some from Northern Europe and do not produced sweetened bread unless appropriate.
            If you are talking about mass produced products then you can expect crap that is either very sweet, salty and/or high Fat. But what would expect? Crap Food is Crap all over the World.

          3. If you can find Mountain High yogurt where you are, that is a smooth, runny (to my taste) yogurt.

            1. Where do you live? Here in the SF Bay Area the best yogurts I've found are Straub's and Pavel's plain yogurts. Dannon hasn't been palatable since the 1980s, IMHO.