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Aug 30, 2014 09:01 AM

Anywhere downtown to buy fresh pita?

I did a search on here, but the most recent thread I could find was from just over a year ago and didn't really help.

Does anyone have any current info on where to buy fresh pita downtown? I will check out Paramount on Yonge Street, though nothing on their website indicates that they sell just the pita.


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  1. They do sell packaged pitas at the Paramount up in Thornhill. Don't remember if they do downtown but you could always call and ask.

    1. Fresh as in baked on the premises, or delivered daily?

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      1. re: yakionigiri

        Fresh as in baked on premises or fresh as in baked daily (OK with delivery). I manage to get to Arz every few weeks, so I've been spoilt by the still-warm pita.

        1. re: CarNut

          Doesn't Rabba even get their pita in daily?

      2. If you are okay with laffa maybe check with Ma Va Me on Queen Street as they have a lot of takeout options there and make fresh pita on site.