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Aug 30, 2014 02:59 AM

Substituting Beans in a Recipe?

I've been wanting to try out a recipe for stuffed whole chicken for a while. But it calls for 14oz of cannellini beans. Any ideas on how to replace beans? My family and I don't like beans at all. How about using cubed croutons instead? All suggestion will be great!

Also it calls for smoked chorizo and I can only find fresh chorizo (not smoked/cured) in my country, can I use it or does anyone know how to smoke them?

Here's the link to the recipe if it helps:

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  1. Cubed butternut squash would make a good sub for the beans. Using bread will soak up the liquid in the recipe and require some adjustments. I'd even think about cutting up some small potatoes instead of the beans, spatchcocking the chicken and cooking it on top of the 'stuffing' ingredients.

    Ask your deli counter guy for Spanish chorizo. If you can really only get the fresh, Mexican chorizo, it would probably be fine, but I would make sure it's cooked through in that sauté step. Or even brown it separately so you can drain off the excess fat if you need to.

    I am adding that recipe to this week's list - let me know how yours turns out!

    1. It would work fine.
      As tacosandbeer has pointed out you would need to moisten the Bread if you substitute it for cooked Beans(which have their own moisture). In addition you would cook the bread like you do with Beans but toss everything together after the Veggies are softened and then add enough Chicken Stock to moisten the Stuffing.

      1. For something in which beans take that much of a major role, I'd just look for a different recipe.

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