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Aug 29, 2014 08:10 PM

HAYWARD - SAN LEANDRO Eat 14th Street: Padi - Indonesian

Padi: Between Hayward ad San Leandro on East 14th Street is a familly run Indonesian casual restaurant - table service or take-out with a small selection of Indonesian spices and cooking products.

We had the multic-ourse Rijstaffel for two - good sample of lots of classics and all were excellent. The hits were the beef, chicken satay, green beans and fried kecap noodles. With a great sticky black rice and coconut cream dessert.

Lovely Indonesia teas - jasmine hot or cold along with other SEAsian flavors. No beer or wine. Off street parking and close to 880 - 238 freeway access.

This place is a find - about a year old and we wish it every success.

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  1. I've been four or five times in the last couple of months, and am still enjoying the place.
    I've particularly liked the beef rendang, smashed chicken, chinese style eggplant, and the sate.
    I've found if the man is cooking (there's also a woman who cooks sometimes), the food is a bit better (crisper skin on the chicken, more sauce with the rendang, etc), but both are excellent, and I haven't been disappointed by anything.

      1. on our single visit to the SL location, the owner was not present and the food was not as fresh tasting as our previous visit to the former Berkeley branch, now closed, when the owner was there. a bit of a haul for us to get there, not sure if we'd make a special trip to return, to be sure we enjoyed the food.