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Aug 29, 2014 07:38 PM

trying to remember a pizza place

Hi, Boston folks. I'm trying to remember the name of a pizza place in Central Square in the 1970's. I think they also eventually had a branch in Lexington. They had unusual pizza toppings (for that time), like walnuts and broccoli. I believe they had a pizza called "In Peppo's Honor." Can anyone help? Thanks!!

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    1. re: peregrine

      That is what came to mind. First place that I ever had whole wheat pizza dough as well.

      1. re: smtucker

        Bel Canto was in Central Scare? I remember the one in Charles Street, where the Figs was later (but no more, I believe). There was also one in Wellesley, where the Figs went in, and then something else.

        1. re: Uncle Yabai

          Between Central Square and Harvard Square, actually - not far from where Dumpling House is now.

          1. re: Allstonian

            Ah yes! Next to the some "Greek Culture Association" or something like that, where that Indian restaurant is now, across from 931 Mass Ave.

          2. re: Uncle Yabai

            also one in Brookline, It was great. I was so sad when they all closed

          3. re: smtucker

            So funny! My son was just reminiscing a couple of days ago about Bel Canto in both Lexington and Central and how, even as a fairly young kid, he loved the whole wheat crust and how it was the first place he had ever had it. As a vegetarian, he also loved the variety of unusual toppings. We were headed to Armando's to pick up a Sicilian pie for dinner and the thick crust brought back memories.

          4. re: peregrine

            a few weeks, bel canto came up in a conversation. "in peppo's honor" made quite the long-lasting impression.

          5. Yes! That's it. Thank you!

              1. re: Science Chick

                Cool! My memory is that they started out in the very small space on the right (as takeout only) and later expanded into the larger restaurant space.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  Right. The other space was the "Acropolis" Greek restaurant. The gray house on the right was (probably still is) some Greek-American fraternal organization. Not to be confused with the Greek-American Political Club on Green Street.

                2. re: Science Chick

                  Wow. That is a flashback to be sure. I agree with Allstonian. It was quite a bit smaller when they started out. The whole concept of their pizza was so very different than the House Of Pizzas all over the city that it was impossible to not instantly "get" the difference.

                  1. re: smtucker

                    It was great to have them in Lexington, where I live. They held onto the upstairs of a Lex.Ctr. building for many years. When they left, the parade began until Kushboo settled in, and now it's Beijing.

                    They were truly unique in the world of pizza.

                    1. re: peregrine

                      Was that space a French restaurant back in the 70's, early 80's?

                  2. re: Science Chick

                    That building (928 Mass Ave) is now India Castle; it's between The Plough & Stars and Dumpling House.

                  3. There was one in Union Square as well I recall.

                    1. We went to Bel Canto quite a few times over the years, though I remember a pretty precipitous decline in quality on our last visit. It closed a year or two later. If I remember correctly, the business was being taken over by a younger generation, and they screwed the pooch.