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Aug 29, 2014 07:19 PM

Would You Buy It? Or, Why Didn't I Think of This?!

Was at the drugstore the other day and saw this for sale. Forgot to take a picture, but a quick online search yielded what I was seeking:

What is it? It's a "rapid ramen cooker" which, for $20 and some change, will allow you to rapidly cook ramen in your microwave.

What am I missing here? I always dumped the water in a microwave-safe dish, heated it, dumped in the noodles, heated for a bit longer, and it was done. But $20 for ... this? Is this akin to the pasta rocks?

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  1. I saw an infomercial for that the other day and had exactly the same thought about it -- it seems to be nothing more than a plastic box made to the dimensions of a brick of noodles!

    1. Well, your link and the price made me laugh out loud. I've seen them in Asian markets a whoooooole lot cheaper than that! Would I ever buy one? When pigs fly!

      1. Oh my its back to school time isnt it

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        1. I've bought a lot of dumb shit in my time but even I wouldn't fall for that.