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Aug 29, 2014 04:20 PM

Soy Curls

Thanks to Mrs Patmore I bought Soy Curls.

I made a batch according to the recipe, but forgot a key step... the frying. I added them to a stirfry with other ingredients thinking that would be enough frying. It was not a success. Awful, spongy, ewwww actually.

Please share with me your secrets so I too can embrace Soy Curl love.

Saw mention of barbecue Soy Curls. I would love that recipe and any others people may have.


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  1. My experience with these things was also not a success, and I followed instructions.

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      ditto...and now I'm stuck with 6 bags of the things. I would love any pointers.

    2. I gave these to my vegan niece and her husband. They made them, then marinated them, like for kung pao chicken or in a pot of bbq sauce and heated. I think that is what adds the flavor.

      1. I really like soy curls!
        I think it is important to reconstitute them in flavoured water and then ring them out a lot prior to adding them to your dish. (I have added them straight to a soup once and that was ok, but not ideal).

        I generally use them in stewy dishes. Paprikash comes to mind but I have also used them in stir fries.

        I haven't tried it yet but the BBQ soy curls from Vegan Diner is supposed to be a great recipe.


        1. Mmmm I LOVE soy curls! You should definitely try frying them before adding them to other things... Also, soy curls have no flavor or salt on them (they are just made out of soybeans) so it's important to add seasoning at the frying step (after the soaking in water step). I usually use a chicken-type seasoning that I sprinkle on them in the frying pan. Stir them frequently so they won't burn, but let them brown a bit... It makes the outside a little crispy and I think you'll love it! After THAT, I add the flavored curls to recipes of my choice like salads, stir-frys, soups, etc... But I always flavor and fry them first.

          If you're the type that likes to marinate things, you should SO try this recipe for Smoky Soy Curls. You can find it in the Vegan Diner here:

          It's AMAZING!

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            Just wondering if you've used the chicken-type seasoning Butler Foods sells along with the Soy Curls. (I'm planning on placing an order for Soy Curls and have been wondering whether I should get the seasoning as well.)

          2. Rehydrating them in a flavorful broth is good, but not essential if you'll be adding them to a sauce later. Frying them before adding to anything else is the most important step, to avoid the sponginess factor. Use a generous splash of oil and medium-high heat. Let them get at least a little browned on one side. You can get them crispy if that's the effect you want, but they tend to stick to the pan so it's tricky to avoid burning. You could probably avoid that by using a non-stick pan.

            When I make barbecue soy curls, I reconstitute in hot water, then fry in a generous splash of oil until slightly browned. I usually deglaze the pan with a little water to get the nice caramelized bits loosened. Then I just add some barbecue sauce and let it heat through, or maybe simmer a few minutes if the rest of dinner is not quite ready yet. Either a bottled sauce or homemade works fine - whatever you like or have time for. ;-)

            Another variation I do is a teriyaki-like glaze. Add a some minced garlic near the end of cooking time, then sweet soy sauce and sesame oil to taste. I like to serve this on top of
            sushi-vinegar dressed coleslaw or sliced cucumbers.

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              Thanks.....I'll try again and report back!