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Aug 29, 2014 11:21 AM

Feedback for my draft itinerary

I've maxed out my research and looking to get some feedback from CHers. Heading to Halifax from TO this weekend with my partner. Looking for solid food and staying in the downtown core (no car). We love seafood and aren't looking for anything too fancy.

Breakfast - Edna
Breakfast - Coastal Cafe
Lunch - John's Lunch
Lunch - The Battered Fish
Lunch - Maritime Lobster Shack
Dinner - Bicycle Thief
Dinner - 2 Doors Down
Snacks - Two if by Sea, Brother's Pepperoni, Maritime Pasty Co. Salvatore's Pizza, King of Donair

Feedback please :)

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  1. Two if By Sea is not good. You should have a back up plan for breakfast at Coastal, it's very hard to get a seat, particularly given that it's a holiday weekend and the students will be back in town.

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      How is Two if By Sea not good?
      Edit: You answered below.

    2. Some good looking stuff there. Coastal Breakfast is a great idea (be warned it is very small and you will likely wait, but it's worth it). I would suggest making Edna a dinner location rather than a breakfast one: their breakfast is great but if I could only go once, dinner would be my pick. In my opinion the Bicycle Thief is overrated and the kitchen has an extremely heavy hand with salt: I'd swap that one out. Across the street from Edna is Field Guide, which does small plates and has the best cocktails in town.

      I disagree with the poster below about Two If By Sea: their coffee is amazing. Their baked goods generally bring out a love/hate reaction from people. They go for huge portions and lots of butter. If you are staying downtown a trip on the Woodside ferry would take you to Johns Lunch and there is, I believe, a harbour side walking trail that would let you walk or bike from there to the downtown of Dartmouth where you could hit TIBs and take the Alderney Ferry back to Halifax.

      If you go to Salvatore's, try to make room for one of their Coney Island heroes as well as some of their amazing pizza. I am not sure it's on their main menu, check the chalk board.

      If it is the long weekend you are here, check hours, as many of those small businesses will be closed on Sunday or Monday.

      1. I hope you got to Coastal Café for breakfast. Forget John's Lunch especially if you are hoofing it, I find it very over-rated. The Battered Fish is a must though I had some very soggy take-out fries there yesterday though eaten immediately - why would on earth would someone in the F&C business pick a waxed box to dish out fries? Bicycle Thief I find good but expensive and excessively noisy. How about some feed-back when back home?

        1. Oh yeah, and if you see Food Wolf anywhere on your travels, it's worth hitting up!

          1. I'll elaborate on my distaste for Two If By Sea. Their pastries are big blobs of greasy dough, raw in the middle. Their coffee is not exceptional, but passable. The worst, perhaps, is their Too Cool For School service. I once ordered a latte, specifying skim milk. I tasted it and said it didn't taste like skim. The waiter said "Oh, yeah, we don't have skim milk." Apparently, the customer doesn't need to be told that when they order. On more than one occasion, the waiter has looked past me and served his friends, who were in line behind me. I find it all too cliquesh and junior high for my taste.