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Aug 28, 2014 06:50 PM

tapas/dining after midnight in Madrid

I just wanted to see if anyone might have late night dining suggestions for a Saturday night in Madrid. My husband and I are staying near Cava Baja. We were planning on going to some tapas places in that area, but it looks like a number of the options we were looking at close around midnight - Casa Lucas, Taberna Tempranillo, Tximiri. We have a soccer game that night, so we probably won't be ready to eat until 11pm.

We were thinking of heading up to Mercado San Miguel - which looks like it closes at 2am. Does anyone know if many stalls are still open between midnight to 2am?

Are there other areas in the city that might have more great food options open after midnight?

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  1. I believe that most of the food spots close before midnight in the Mercado San Miguel and it's just drinking after that, though I could be wrong. People eat dinner (and lunch) very late in Madrid, but the times are pretty set in stone, especially in La Latina. Casa Lucas on the Cava Baja seems to stay open later than the rest, as does L'Obrador on Calle Segovia--though I'd confirm that before heading there.

    A few places that aren't in La Latina that are generally open later than midnight on weekends:

    Cafeteria HD, near Arguelles, a sort of Euro burger spot.
    La Ardosa, near Tribunal, a taberna in Malasaña.
    La Gabinoteca, near Iglesias.
    Lateral, Plaza Santa Ana.
    DisTinto, Calle del Prado.

    If you go way, way off schedule, there's a spot called "Iberia" on the Glorieta de San Bernardo, which is a sort of port in the storm for the flotsam and jetsam of Madrid's nightlife.

    1. Viavélez is an excellent choice not far from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Open on Saturday evening til 1:00 am.