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Aug 28, 2014 06:09 PM

Anyone familiar with the fall food truck festival?

Visiting Chicago in October and saw there is a food truck festival. We did one of these in Waikiki and was fantastic!

Here is the link

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    1. I am not sure how you concluded from the linked post that this "food truck festival" will be occurring in Chicago during your visit. That's less than 2 months away but there is nothing on the site listing the date and the rest of the content on the Board seems to suggest that it's very much a work in progress.

      I did note that the City of Chicago webpage on festivals mentions a "Food Truck Rally" supposedly scheduled for 10/11/14 in Daley Plaza but there is nothing else that I could find on the web about that event. I don't believe that the link to the "festival" that you posted is the same event as the "rally" mentioned on the City of Chicago site. The "festival" linked in your post states that it will be in Pilsen, which is a Latino neighborhood southwest of downtown, whereas the City's webpage states that the Rally will occur in Daley Plaza which is smack downtown.

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        There was a Calender for festivals going on in Chicago and this food truck festival was listed to take place on October 11starting at 12 noon.

        1. re: palmtree38

          Yes, that was the calendar on the City of Chicago's website, linked here,, which describes a "food truck rally" to take place in the Daley Center, in downtown Chicago on 10/11.

          The event that you linked refers to a "food truck festival" to take place at some unstated date in Pilsen, which is several miles southwest of downtown. What I was trying to convey was that I don't believe that the festival in Pilsen that you linked will be occurring when you are in Chicago.

          And the status of the Rally listed on the City's webpage for 10/11 is a bit unclear since my web searches have not turned up any other references to it. Before you make a special trip downtown based for the rally listed on the City's website, I suggest that you make a call to the City's special event office to make sure it is occurring

          1. re: masha

            I find it odd that the festival website does not show a specific location or other such details. It makes me wonder whether the plans for their event are up in the air and it might not happen.

            Perhaps more specific information will be available on either website as the date gets closer. If not, masha's advice to try phoning before heading there is good advice - especially since otherwise you wouldn't know exactly where to go!

            1. re: nsxtasy

              Actually Nsx, the website linked by the OP has text and a map showing it in Pilsen (the link for Press, as I recall) but no date and the site still seems to be soliciting vendors and sponsors so it is doubtful that is is occurring on 10/11. The site that I linked is from the City of Chicago official website and says there is a "food truck rally" on 10/11 at the Daley Center. But there is no link on that page or any other web mentions of such an event taking place at the Daley Center on 10/11 so I wonder.

              1. re: masha

                >> the website linked by the OP has text and a map showing it in Pilsen

                The map is under "Attend - FAQ" and it only points to an entire zip code, 60616, which does not include the Pilsen neighborhood (it's east of Pilsen).

                1. re: nsxtasy

                  Good catch. In any event the website linked by the OP seems to involve a project that is just in the planning stages -- not something that is happening in 5 weeks.

            2. re: masha

              Ironically, I had to go through Daley Plaza today and there was indeed a "Food Truck Rally" taking place in the Plaza, with about 6-10 trucks assembled as of 11 am. Although the link to the City of Chicago's website that I'd inserted in my post above states that it was to occur on "October 11, 2014" -- i.e., tomorrow -- the signage in the Plaza today stated that the rally was occurring on 10/10/14 from noon until 7pm. So, to the OP, you would not have arrived in time anyway (unless the signage is incorrect and it will also be taking place tomorrow).

        2. Numerous food trucks are usually parked along Clark Street between Madison and Monroe most workdays. And you don't have to pay an admission charge to check them out, or to walk there from River North. :)

          I've tried some of them. In general, the food is okay (not great, not dreadful) and not terribly expensive; the main attraction is more their convenient location and quick service, rather than the food itself. For sheer quality of food at moderate prices, I think you can do better at inexpensive places like Portillo's, Pret a Manger, Pastoral, Hannah's Bretzel, and Panera, all of which offer quick carry-out service as well as seating.

          1. For an authentic Chicago street food experience, rather than a food truck fest (assuming it is even taking place), go to the Maxwell Street Market,
            It is on Sundays, so I ( and presumably others) didn't recommend it in response to your other post because you indicated you would be spending the weekend in Rosemont. But if you are thinking of coming into the City on Saturday for the food truck fest, I'd suggest skipping that and coming in on Sunday for the Maxwell St market instead (assuming your schedule permits, of course).

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            1. re: masha

              Thank you everyone! This indeed does not look official and in planning mode if it happens.
              My daughter is in a dance competiton in Rosemont as soon as she is done we will be heading downtown. This Market looks great and hopefully we can catch the last two house before it closes at 3pm.