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Aug 28, 2014 11:12 AM

Foodsaver questions

I just bought a Foodsaver primarily to freeze things for longterm storage.

However, what foods do you think would benefit from it short-term (refrigerator or pantry) most? I only have bags, no containers right now, but am open to buying some.

Last night I did my weekly grocery shopping and this is what I brought home:

Large container mixed baby greens
1 eggplant
2 broccoli crowns
1 cucumber
2 zucchini
3 unripe avocados
4 peaches
1 package strawberries
1 package mini bell peppers
Gorgonzola, pepper jack & cheddar cheeses
Non fat plain Greek yogurt (large TJ's tub)
Non fat vanilla yogurt (large TJ's tub)
2 ears sweet corn

Remember, I'm cooking for one, and I'm also still getting some things from my garden and already have stuff in the fridge & freezer.


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  1. NOT an expert but do have/use a Foodsaver often. I wouldn't do a thing with the yogurts except put in fridge and pretty much forget... if unopened, that pesky date on container means little, IMO. I wouldn't consider using the FS on any of the fresh fruit/veggies you listed, either?!? In a bag, they're just gonna SBAR (squash beyond all recognition)... nicer than FUBAR! FS would work well with the cheeses, as long as you don't plan to use them right away or daily... a waste of a bag to reopen in just a few days imo. If you do vac seal the cheese, make a LONG bag... like at least twice as long as you need. That way you can cut to reopen, do what you want with the cheese, and reseal same bag.

    I have several of the FS canisters... all found at yard sales or thrift stores. Pretty rigid plastic and the teeniest of cracks will result in a failure to hold a seal.

    FS makes a gizmo that allows you to seal stuff in wide-mouth mason jars with just the lid... no ring needed. I use that for little pastas, rice, beans... "dry" stuff... works nice with raisins and nuts, too. The lid pops off with normal opener with very little effort and can be reused as long as you don't bend it outta shape. I need to see if Ball/Kerr make LARGE jars that take that size lid. Thing is good for food items that pretty much never go "bad" but could get stale... like crackers/cookies. NOT a substitute for hot water bath canning!

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      Ball/Kerr makes half gallon jars with wide mouths. The FS jar adapters come in two sizes, wide mouth and regular. They work beautifully.

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        I had the FS containers for years without using them. Finally broke them out recently. I used it to seal a mason jar with a two-piece lid by putting it inside the larger canister.

        I'm making fermented hot sauce from peppers from the yard, and I made my mash (with salt and wine for a sugar source) then sealed it in the jar. This is taking the place of my usual airlock method- a bag of brine in the jar opening. I figure the CO2 will relieve the vacuum, then I won't have any air in the headspace (and I won't open them up until I'm ready to process further). Oh, and the ring isn't tightened at all, so no explosion fears.

      2. Large container mixed baby greens Nope
        1 eggplant Depends on how long you keep it
        2 broccoli crowns Probably be ok to vacuum seal
        1 cucumber Ok to seal
        2 zucchini Ok to seal
        3 unripe avocados Ok to seal, sprinkle lime juice on cut and then seal
        4 peaches Ok for uncut
        1 package strawberries Not fresh ones, but sugarcoat, freeze and then vacuum seal
        1 package mini bell peppers Ok to seal
        Gorgonzola, pepper jack & cheddar cheeses Ok to seal use more bag material than the piece of cheese
        Non fat plain Greek yogurt (large TJ's tub)
        Non fat vanilla yogurt (large TJ's tub) Probably could but why
        2 ears sweet corn Will work ok maybe for a week or two

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          My thought was that one person would EAT this much in less time than it could go bad if properly stored. The egg plant might be something to make into whatever and maybe freeze/seal left-overs... EP parm, maybe?

          The FS bags aren't outrageous but not cheap either. My first FS was found at a yard sale. Person selling "thought" would be great for buying "family packs" of meat/chicken, but found that in household with 2 tween/teen boys... stuff never staying in freezer long enough to need to be vac sealed??

        2. I inherited one...Been using it for chunks of parm and breaking down 5lb bags of Albanese Gummis: