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Aug 28, 2014 10:23 AM

ISO: Morcilla dulce and other Argentine meats and meaty things.

Hello everyone,

I just came back from a long trip to Uruguay and Buenos Aires and had the brilliant idea of putting on an asado for a few of my friends. I am therefore looking for sources for typical meats and sausages for this enterprise. I know that Boucherie Saint-Viateur and Iasenza sell South-American cuts and sausages, but i'd like to get the lowdown on all Argentine-style meats in Montreal.

I don't expect to find the kind of sublime grass-fed beef I had over there, but I could really go for some morcilla dulce a.k.a. morcilla vasca and argentine-style chorizo.

Thanks in advance for any info,


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  1. Saint-Viateur definitely has Argentine chorizo (which means sausage that must be cooked there, though I imagine that Spanish-type chorizo is also available in Buenos Aires). It is a mix of beef and pork, and very mild. In general, people in Argentina and Uruguay don't eat much hot spice - more northern Italian and northern Spanish spicing and herbs. I've never seen morcilla dulce here.

    Have you done a trip report on the relevant board? I have friends from there, and down there in the Southern Cone - in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. I'd love to travel down there. Some day.

    As for the beef, an Argentine friend here says our bison is more similar to their beef than our beef is.

    Are you also planning to serve empanadas? You can buy both Argentine and Chilean type empanadas at Saint-Viateur, but I prefer to buy the frozen dough discs (tapas) and make my own. You can do that ahead of time and even freeze them. Both Saint Viateur and Sabor Latino sell those. I haven't been to Iasenza in a while.

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      If no one has morcilla dulce, then someone needs to start making it. It was one of the revelations of my trip. I must have had 8 or 10 different kinds and they were all delicious.

      The trip report is in progress. I'll be posting it shortly.

    2. You should check at Iasenza. Napo on St-Michel has a lot of products from the "Southern Cone" countries, but I don't think they sell charcuterie or butcher's meats; they could well be a good source of information.

      I'll be looking forward to your trip report; I visited the relevant board; too bad you got no feedback about Montevideo. An Argie friend of mine really likes Montevideo; he says it is similar to BsAs before the latter became so huge.

      There is a Club argentino in the north end: Club social argentin de Montréal very close to Henri-Bourassa métro. It first came to light as a place to watch futebol matches during the World Cup. They serve food and drinks, in a typical "social club" setting, i.e. no décor...

      Hope any of this helps.