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ISO: Round, plastic disposable containers

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I am trying to find disposable round plastic containers. They usually come in sleeves of 25. They come in different sizes. Lids sold separately. I was just at Nella and they said they don't sell anything disposable. I tried a cash and carry nearby, but the only plastic containers they had were for takeout.
I've seen these at Tap Phong, but I now live closer to Vaughan. I'm willing to drive, but hopefully someone knows of a closer location I can check out?


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  1. I have purchased these at Tap Phong, and just yesterday at the Dollarama.

    1. I buy these at Wholesale Club (owned, I believe, by Loblaws) on Rogers Rd. http://www.wholesaleclub.ca/LCLOnline...

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        Thank you. I just passed by wholesale club and found them in various sizes.