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Aug 28, 2014 06:26 AM

Billy's Dumplings - Good?

Has anyone been to Billy's Dumplings yet? The menu seems to be pretty identical to Mother's Dumplings, including pricing. Hopefully they're making theirs in house too.

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  1. Tried them on the weekend. Dumplings come in either steamed/fried/boiled. We order one of each type with different fillings. Everything was on par. The dumpling skin i found to be a tad thick though but still pretty good.

    The food is pretty straight forward and service was quick but that might also have been because the place was close to empty at the time with a few people coming in for takeout. I cannot compare it to Mother's since I havent been there in years but its pretty similar to any of the "Northern Dumpling" places uptown and Dumpling King on Yonge.

    I would say its a nice addition to the area, change of pace from mostly japanese/korean food.

    1. We are the owners of Mother's Dumplings. Yes they are the same as ours because the owner stole our recipes. He used to work for us as a cook quick earlier this year to open this restaurant without our knowledge. If you take a look at the pictures they posted on their google page, the items look exactly Mother's dumplings.
      Our family has worked on the recipe for years when we were located at the Huron location.
      We welcome fair competition, but this is stealing.