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Aug 28, 2014 04:13 AM

Few days in Lisbon in Sept.?

For a few days in Lisbon Portugal in Sept. we are looking for well-done local food; like trattoria/bistro level rather than very fancy.
around $35/ each, and less is always good.
We enjoy meat, game, fish, shellfish; wine; port. Suckling pig and roast kid would be a draw. Small plates and wine as pitstop also good!

Also we are staying at the Doubletree Hilton, near Saldanha Metro stop – and for the first night, we could use a place near there that is open fairly late (11, or midnight) .

I’ve trawled around previous posts, and so far the ones below sound good.

Any pointers/suggestions are much appreciated!

Thank you

BOMJARDIN Travessa do Santo Antao (Baixa)S

SOLAR DOS BICOSRua dos Douradores 8-A Baixa

CANTINHO DO BEM ESTAR Rua do Norte 46 (Bairro Alto)

ESTELA DE BELEM Rua de Embaixdor 172 (Belem)

AESQUINA DA FE Ava da Fe 60 (Baixa)

RESTAURANTE FIDALGO Rua da Barroca 57 (Bairro Alto)

SACRAMENTO DO CHIADO Caltada do Sacramento 40 (Baixa)



Coffee, port:

Rua de Belem 84-92 (Belem)

Praca de Rossio 96 (right on the plaza in Bail)

Avenida da Republica 15A (near Parque Eduardo VII)


Rua Sao Padre de Alcantra 45 (Bairro Alto)

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  1. We were just there for four days - great food city...our three favs were
    -- Taberna Rua Das Flores
    -- Madragoa
    -- Leiteria Camponeza

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    1. re: Simon

      Thank you for this. Per your suggestion, I've looked up these 3 places further online - they look great!

      1. re: jochaima

        Great...all three fit your criteria pretty well (Madragoa is pricier than the others but worth it imo)

        Taberna Ruas Flores was our fav place in the whole city...we ate there twice in 4 days...i think two starters, two mains, bread, 2 glasses of wine, and a dessert came to something like 28 euros changes daily...we were there for late lunches, but supposedly nighttime offers lots of good tapas-like options...two pics here

        Leiteria Camponeza had been recommended to me by a Swiss friend who'd been in Lisbon a couple weeks before me who had loved the hanging skewers of shrimp...when we happened upon it, very hungry, at around 4:30pm: they were closed and the staff were about to sit down to a delicious-looking giant salmon baked w/ onions...the sweet owner Sonia saw our faces and smiled ruefully and said: "Sit down, you can have my portion" -- and served us salmon/rice/potatoes/salad and a bottle of wine...

        for Madragoa, make reservations as they book up quickly, and be prepared that the service will be very very slow (the owners are a couple: he waits tables, she cooks)...but the food is very much worth it...i esp liked the morcilla fried w/ onions as a starter...

        1. re: Simon

          Thank you so much for this!
          (Great story about Leiteria Camponeza).
          We were in Lisbon, briefly, a while ago, and I can't remember exactly where we ate, so you are very helpful. The places you've listed seem exactly the kind of thing we have in mind and would really enjoy.
          I do remember being nicely surprised at how well you could eat in Lisbon relatively cheaply - certainly a lot cheaper than the cities I am most familiar with, New York, Boston, and London.
          For the night of arrival, may be late, and want to be close to the hotel, we were thinking of A Parte, Av. Defensores de Chaves, 14 C | Saldanha.

          1. re: jochaima

            hi...i don't know A Parte -- it was our first Lisbon trip and we stayed in Lapa area (at As Janelas Verdes) -- near Madragoa...Lisbon seems to close up earlier than Madrid (where we went for 8 days afterwards) but i'm sure there will be somewhere to at least get some snacks...Camponeza i guess is not so far from Saldhana so that might be an option but would have to check hours/map...

    2. Portuguese restaurant times are closer to England than to Spain (12-2:30pm and 7:30pm-10:30pm) but there are some exceptions; Look at
      Galeto might fit the bill for your first night if you're late and don't want to go too far, as it's only a short walk away from your hotel. But read the reviews first, it might not be your style.
      Versailles is also very close to your hotel too but closes at 10pm.
      And by the way, the 2 restaurants in the Doubletree Hilton have a good reputation (both the modern Portuguese and the Japanese one).

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      1. re: monchique

        Ah! Very good to know all this. I was a bit worried about the hotel restaurant. Thank you!

      2. Just left Lisbon last night, had a great last meal at Restaurante Uma Marisqueria near the Baixa-Chiado station. Arroz con mariscos (seafood rice) for two was 20€ and very filling with fresh shrimp, mussels and stone crab in it. Place gets packed. You won't be disappointed.

        Cervejaria Ramiro is the spot to go to for seafood but they were closed for holiday while were we there. I believe it reopens on Aug 3. It was recommended to me by lots of people. We went to Cervejaria Baleal instead and loved it. We had live goose barnacles (percebes), shrimp, stone crab and octopus salad. 60€ for 2 with wine.

        Stop at Cafe Beira Gare for a bifana (pork sandwich). I ordered mine with cheese and bacon but could've skipped the bacon. Get it at the counter to go as a snack to share. It's across the street from Rossio station.

        Consider lunch or dinner at Mercado de Ribeira. Time Out mag's food court opened earlier this year. They invited 5 local chef darlings to open food stalls there. They have a great variety of dishes and it gets packed. Food stalls open at noon.

        We also went to 100 Manieras and Belcanto but they are in different price ranges. I recommend both though, but Belcanto if you can splurge for 1 fancy meal.

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        1. re: neverfull

          Thank you for this - all sounds great! The Mercado de Ribeira is something I had not heard of. Thank you.