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Aug 27, 2014 07:55 PM

3 dinners + Sunday brunch - critique my shortlist!

Husband and I are heading to Vegas next week for our 10th anniversary. Last time we were there, we tried LOS, Scarpetta and Jaleo. While all were good to great, none of these places blew us away with a "That was the best X we've ever had!". We are from Vancouver, BC and make regular trips to San Francisco and Portland OR, so I think we are just spoiled by access to unbelievable affordable food. This time, we are altering our expectations slightly and would like to find great food in a setting that you can only find in Vegas (it would make the exorbitant prices a bit easier to swallow!). So far, this is what I have in mind:

Dinner #1 - Twist. Our luxury dinner. Have made a reservation. We are staying at the Mandarin Oriental and it seems to fit the bill in terms of food and setting.

Dinner #2 - Rose. Rabbit. Lie.? Seems to also fit our parameters.

Dinner #3 - Steakhouse? Neither of us our huge steak fanatics, but steaks may be the one thing that Vegas may do better than other places. I was thinking Carnevino (we both love Italian), Gordon Ramsay Steak (was not even considering but the place gets good reviews and seems fun), or SW (too staid)?

Sunday Brunch - We have been to Bouchon twice. Actually considering buffet with limitless champagne/mimosas as a fitting end to our gluttonous Vegas holiday. Caesar's Bacchanal? Border Grill? Verandah?

Other than our dinner at Twist, I'm open to any other suggestions.

The restrictions: Husband does not like seafood, so no to Bartolotta, Estiatorio Milos and most Japanese. We are from Vancouver, so we'd like to avoid Asian (except Southeast). We won't have a car, but are willing to take a cab if it's worth it. Aside from Twist, would prefer to keep costs to around $100/person (I know we'll have to spend more for steak!).


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  1. Congratulations on 10! Given that it is fairly new and getting some very good first impressions why not go to Bazaar Meats in the new SLS? More than just steak which would fit well given that you both are not huge steak fans. I have not been (going very soon) but others on CH have given positive feedback so far. And you get to see the newest addition to the north end of the strip (well, newest refurbished addition).

    Food is so subjective and while I think LoS is hands down the best place to go in Las Vegas, others will disagree. So when I say that Vegas does NOT "do" steak better than any other place, that is only my opinion. It most likely can claim to have the most expensive steak places per capita in the US but I would say other cities are miles better (NYC to start the debate).

    Uhockey just recently posted a review of RRL which you should look at. I read a review a while back (I'm pretty sure it was a LV publication) stating it could be one of the best restaurants in LV.

    1. We loved the Border Grill brunch so much we did it twice during our week there.

      1. I'm a Wynn chick and their buffet is excellent..
        Country Club or La Cave for small plates.
        Peppermill is old school and very Vegas.
        Hit up Tacos el Gordo for late night or lunch.

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          Second the Tacos el Gordo suggestion. No ambiance, but great tacos.

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            This seems perfect for a cheap light lunch. Great Mexican is one thing we don't have at home.

        2. Dinner #1 - there is nothing like it in any of your 3 cities, or America. Gagnaire is one of a kind.

          Dinner #2 - RRL is very legit, but getting out under $100 if you plan to drink will be tricky. I think you should go, but keep definitely see my thoughts on the noise level and plan/reserve accordingly.

          Dinner #3 - Not a steak fan? Don't do steak. Want an amazing steak? Do Carnevino and also try the pastas and sides. Could also consider Raku/Sweets Raku here, or Chada Thai to compare to LoS.

          Brunch - Bacchanal is far better than Border Grill and I've not been to Verandah. Perhaps look into La Cave at Wynn for brunch - I've not been, but hear good things.

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            Thanks for you in depth review of Rose Rabbit Lie. It would be really confusing if you don't know what you're getting yourself into. I think I need to check it out!