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Aug 27, 2014 06:32 PM

The Griddle Cafe at SLS - the food lives up, the service needs work.

Probably my most highly anticipated opening of 2014 it was day one that we went to Griddle Café and although the food riffs well on that being served on Sunset the service was a disaster.

The Griddle Cafe at SLS, Las Vegas NV | Endo Edibles
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  1. I'm not really a breakfast person, but I'll have to try it out. My friends like Los Angeles rave about the place. I know the pancakes are large, but are they somehow able to make them not doughy and dry? I've always found pancakes to be a really bland/dry dish and I'm almost always disappointed. Did you try any of the savory items? I really want to try one of their omelettes.

    So this is what the new Chowhound rules are? It's even worse than before. Seems like now the thread doesn't give any information at all and just allows people to advertise a link to a site. Why would Chowhound want people to click to an external site? Very strange choice by them.

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    1. re: ah6tyfour

      I completely agree with your comments on the policy, but yes - they want them "shared" as links. I don't get the purpose. Seems like urbanspoon to me.

      Regarding the pancakes - they are a buttermilk base and are very moist. The toppings add to it and the fact that they only serve (unlimited) 100% maple syrup is a plus.

      Why would I try savory items? That is not me. :) I list everything I try in the review.

      1. re: uhockey

        Wait, you don't like savory breakfast food? I'm the complete opposite. I tend to stay away from pancakes, french toast, etc and gravitate towards eggs benedicts, scrambles, omelettes, and things like steak and eggs. I never really get excited about breakfast and I usually hate it when people recommend we meet up for breakfast. I have to wake up when? And we have to wait in line because they don't take reservations for breakfast? And it's going to be $17 for breakfast? I'd rather just get a Sausage McMuffin with Egg at McDonalds!

        If you say the pancakes are moist, maybe I'll give it a try. Or maybe I'll take someone who is sure to order pancakes and I'll just try some of theirs. I usually use minimal syrup, but good to know it's the real stuff. Have you been to Babystacks? Aside from the lemon ricotta pancakes, I don't like any of their pancakes. So dry and one-note.

        1. re: ah6tyfour

          I tend to agree on Babystacks.

          And yes, my history would indicate a STRONG predilection for dessert = breakfast when I dine out. For someone who adheres to a plant and egg based diet when dining at home, these are the indulgences. :)

          If you need a dining buddy and want to wake up early on a Saturday I have a couple upcoming trips to TGC planned with 1-4 others that would facilitate your ability to try a lot of stuff

    2. I think the new policy is wholly counterproductive to the concepts that supported CH in its infancy. It is absurd to have to go to another site to read what the initial poster has to say.

      I see no benefit whatsoever to the change.

      At the very least, the substance of the "other site" post could be pasted into the CH posting.

      I am going to protest the new policy by simply ignoring any original post that is not "complete" and hope that others respond in a similar fashion in an effort to change back to the traditional rules.

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      1. re: Alan C

        I was asked (by CH) to not copy/paste ANY of the substance from the other site - that is what I had been doing.

        1. re: uhockey

          On the bright side, it brings more traffic to your blog, rather than reading it here, which -- frankly -- I'd prefer, but the all-seeing, all-powerful OZ has better ideas!

        2. re: Alan C


          I don't think that would do anything but punish the poster, who is just following policy. Why not go to the "Site Talk" board and complain?

          1. re: Alan C

            I try not to let it show, but I've always been a bit annoyed with blog posts on the forum. It's too easy to cross the line from helpful reviews to pure advertising. So I'm glad Chowhound decided to try to look into the issue. Their solution is pretty terrible though. It's worse than just pasting the blog content into the thread, which I already thought was a bad idea.

            They should do what other forums do. Allow a signature at the bottom of each post with a link to the blog's home page. But not allow links directly to the specific blog post so that the blogger can't spam the forums with links to get people to click over there. And not allow any mentions of wording like "go see my review in the blog"

            What would be helpful now is what most bloggers on Chowhound do anyway. They link to their blog post, but they write a completely separate post just for Chowhound boards. That way, the content is made just for the forum, but you can click on the link to be taken to the blog, where you can read the same thoughts, but worded differently. That's how most of the bloggers on the NYC forums operate. Better yet, be like KevinEats of the Los Angeles board and just not mention the blog at all. Just contribute like a normal person, even though he's arguably the most well-eaten blogger in Los Angeles.

            1. re: ah6tyfour

              When does kevineats post on the LA board? People post-reference him all the time but "kevin" on the LA board is NOT the writer for kevineats.

              As to 'advertising' - what - an opinion? There is nothing to see or sell there. A freely hosted site with pictures built in.

              I used to post a signature - people complained about that. I then simply posted trip reports to be helpful - people cried about my writing style.
              I write my blog because I enjoy it. I share it here to give the restaurants their time to shine (When else is someone mentioning Norm's Egg Café on CH?? Or Planet Dailies?)

              This board creates its own hassles by being elitest and redundant.

              1. re: uhockey

                Oh, really? I had no idea. I assumed Kevin was the guy from KevinEats. It does seem like him because he asks about places or about getting a reservation to a place and then a few weeks later, I'll see a KevinEats blog post about the place. Maybe it's just coincidence. I'm not sure now. I really thought it was him. I guess I made that assumption so long ago that I just assume it's him now. Although, now that I think about it, the writing style isn't quite the same. Do you know for a fact that it's not him?

                Advertising online is all about generating visits to a site. It doesn't matter if one has no financial gain at the moment. Maybe someone will click over to the blog, like it, and become a regular reader of the blog. That means that initial click was essentially advertising. What if all the blog readers came from constantly seeing links to the blog and now that the blogger has amassed a bunch of regular readers, starts adding pay-per-click ads or an Amazon Marketplace to the blog? It's impossible to quantify and Chowhound should just restrict it by not allowing links to blog posts at all.

                The best solution would be to just write a review for the board itself and write something separate for the blog.

                I (usually) really enjoy/trust your reviews. But I definitely avoid clicking links to the blog just because I don't think it's something that should be allowed. Hopefully no hard feelings...

                1. re: ah6tyfour

                  None at all - but it is unrealistic for me to write 2 separate blog posts. I also contribute around here a lot, as you know.

                  Re: Kevin and Kevineats, yes, I know for a fact. Can discuss via e-mail or at The Griddle Café for breakfast sometime. :)

                  1. re: ah6tyfour

                    Kevin H is KevinEats- he hasn't posted on CH in a couple of years.

                    Kevin is a different guy.

            2. FYI, a return visit was due, and the ship has been righted.

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              1. re: uhockey

                After getting tempted by uhockey’s reviews and pictures we finally tried The Griddle Café this past Friday and it was outstanding. My wife loves huevos rancheros, so she had the Tequila Sunrise. I had a couple of bites; it was very good with the chicken tequila sausage being the standout of the dish. I had the BLUESberry pancakes with a side of bacon. Great blueberry filled pancakes, but I thought the blueberry sour cream was too much, so I used more maple syrup instead. What surprises me the most about this place is the level of quality with the huge portion sizes. Usually you get huge portions of mediocre food, not so here. Note for the locals – it is easy getting in and out of the SLS from valet or self-parking. We will return soon to try some different items, the french toast and pumpkin pancakes are calling me.

                1. re: vegasjlt

                  The French Toast, imo, trumps the pancakes - a tall order indeed. :) Glad my reviews help!