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Aug 27, 2014 03:56 PM

Trying to find good wine/beer store in Longmont (or nearby)

Living in beautiful Longmont for the year and found a great place to buy bread/cheese/pastries (Cheese Importers) but are not having much luck in the alcohol department. Many of the grocery stores here do not sell wine or good beer and the two smaller liquor stores that we visited had unfriendly staff. Any suggestions? We liked Hazels in Boulder but would rather find something nearby. The best would be something like a BevMo since we don't need wine recommendations, just a wide selection (foreign and domestic wine) and good prices.

Also, I commute down to Northglenn once a week in case there is something along the way

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I don't have recommendations for Longmont liquor stores, sorry, but since you mentioned "many of the grocery stores", I figured you may not know Colorado law on the subject. Grocery stores cannot sell wine or "real" beer, AT ALL. The beer that they sell (same as convenience stores) is 3.2% beer. Don't buy it if you like beer. Another aspect of Colorado law is that a company or individual can only own 1 liquor store in the entire state, so there are no chains whatsoever (and every grocery store chain and Costco each have one store in the state where there is an attached liquor store). So you won't find a BevMo-type store. Hazel's and Liquor Mart (downtown Boulder) are both great. But each liquor store you'll find is completely independent; I'm sure there must be a decent one or two in Longmont. This might be a good time to use yelp:

    Good luck!

    1. DaveCo off Hwy 7 and I-25 is pretty good, but would be a bit of a drive from Longmont, although not too far, maybe 15-20 min?

      1. Thank you LurkerDan and Juliejulez. No, I did not know the alcohol laws for Colorado - and it explains why I kept wandering through looking for good beer to no avail! The reviews on Yelp were pretty uneven so I will try DaveCo - thanks for the recommendation. We visit Denver 1-2/month so maybe I can find a big wine market there - and my last option is to load up the truck next time we are visiting California.

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          Now that I recall, the Costco that is by DaveCo also sells beer/wine/liquor.

          But DaveCo is pretty good. I haven't looked through their wine section too extensively but that's where we buy kegs for our kegerator LOL!

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            Other good stores in my neck of the woods, if you happen to be in or near Boulder are Superior Liquor (in Superior, corner of US 36 and McCaslin) or Boulder Wine Merchant in the heart of Boulder, if you're a wine geek.

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