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Aug 27, 2014 02:50 PM

Guzina Oaxaca in Mexico City - opinions?

We're spending 3 nights in DF in October. I've read through the board and have had most of my questions answered, but have not seen Guzina Oaxaca in Polanco mentioned. Any opinions? I would be trying the black mole, among other dishes. I'm also looking to eat at Nicos, Pujol, Azul Historico, Contramar, Limosneros(?). Thanks.

edit - I note in another thread cristina feels that the chef's place in Oaxaca does not fare well against the local competition, but how about in DF?

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  1. Walker42, a couple of things: I mentioned in that other thread that chef Alejandro Ruíz has opened Guzina in the DF and was spending more time in that restaurant than in the restaurant at Casa Oaxaca. I did not say that Casa Oaxaca "does not fare well against the local competition". I DID go on to say that I like Origen, but that's my personal preference, not a direct comparison.

    I have not eaten at Guzina and can offer no opinion about it other than having read that it is expensive, with main dishes ranging from 250-350 pesos. I don't hear much buzz about it, though, and I do hear a whole lot of Mexico City's food world buzz. If you do eat there, please post back.

    I WILL, on the other hand, say that until I do eat at Guzina, the mole negro at Azul/Histórico is, IMHO, the gold standard of that mole. Served over tender chicken breast (photo 1) or with enchiladas of either cheese or shredded chicken breast, it's a 5-star meal. Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita also offers his mole negro poured over his signature buñuelos de pato (they look like fried wontons filled with roast duck), piled up seven to a bowl (photo 2). If you prefer to try those as an appetizer (we sometimes do) and have another main course, you get the best of both worlds: the spectacular mole negro and whatever else strikes your fancy.

    Link: http;//

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      Have you ever had Ricardos chichilo? It's magnificent too. I'm also quite partial to his manchamanteles

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        DD, I have indeed had the chichilo. I prefer the mole negro, but yes, both are delicious. Manchamanteles too, and omg the salpicón de venado!


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        I apologize for paraphrasing you inaccurately Cristina. You were speaking about another restaurant in Oaxaca being “head and shoulders above” Casa Oaxaca, and perhaps you were speaking of in terms of traditional cuisine and not in quality. As a weekend visitor who has only one shot at my meals and who has plenty of both time and inclination for research, “only the best will do” for me, so even if Guzina Oaxaca is exceptional I will not risk being the one to find out! Your not hearing any buzz about Guzina Oaxaca actually speaks volumes.

        I have been looking at your amazing blog (the start of a long habit I am sure!) and noticed you also think very highly of El Bajia and their mole de Xico. Is it a relatively sweet mole? The food I ate for several years as a child living in the DF (more than 30 years since I have been back!) was relatively sweet compared to the typical Northern Mexican I find in the US. I have always imagined our cook was from Veracruz. If you have any suggestions for different regional moles, I think it may be worth my effort to track them down as I have taken up the frustrating hobby (in the US at least) of making mole, and should probably taste some varieties to see what I am missing. :-) This may become easier as migrants move in – in Central Florida there is actually an American farmer producing huitlacoche, so who knows if regional peppers are next?

        And I see you are not a fan of Pujol. I was interested in tasting their mole “madre.” If there is another place I could get something comparable, I am more than willing to seek that out.

        Thanks for the reply, I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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