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Aug 27, 2014 02:42 PM

ISO the best noodle for lo mein

I just can't seem to find the right noodle for this, any brand/location suggestions? I've tried that big market in Chinatown, but couldn't find a good fit

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  1. Have you tried the yellow noodles from hoy toy noodle company? I think they aren't in all the bigger stores, but the asian store on oxford street toward beach street from the hoy toy noodle company usually has them, that is unless you want to buy in bulk from the factory

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    1. re: lc02139

      This is what I'm looking for, thanks lc02139! Will try those as that (yellow noodles) sounds like what I'm seeking, and can't seem to locate!!!

      1. re: devilham

        dh, i think they also sell various fresh chinese noodles at Market BAsket in Somerville. If you like shopping in Chinatown, do you know Sun Sun Market? Wilson and his brother are 3rd generation owners, born and raised in U.S., and if they don't have it (they have EVerything jammed into that place!) they can help you find it. Wilson doesn't smile much (but I think that's part of the chinese package) but he has been my mentor in all things Chinese cooking these last 30 yrs!(And SunSun gives you free parking right there when you shop w/ them.)

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          Yes sun sun is the store I was thinking about, I often will go if I'm in Chinatown because it is not a chain, and they carry the hoy toy noodles fresh, the chains usually carry a precooked noodle from out of town. Nice to hear about the owner being so helpful.

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            I'm Chinese and I'm not smiling now. That's not because it's part of the Chinese package but it's because of your statement.

          2. re: devilham

            Got them from Sun Sun! Will let you know if they work out!

        2. To clarify, are you looking for the American-Chinese noodle (doughy) or the traditional Chinese noodle (thin and chewy)?

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            I think the hoy toy sounds right, but I'm looking for dryish and chewy, if I had to pick a restaurant to compare, seven stars in Rozzie would be a good comparison, as I love their lo mein

            1. re: devilham

              Good luck on trying to make that dish as good as 7 stars :) I think the super wok gives them an edge in cooking. I'm sure you can just ask them where they get their noodles they are very nice. If I lived closer I'm not sure I would make my own.

              1. re: lc02139

                I'm certain they would tell me actually, as they are super nice, and I have a nice relationship with them, just forget to ask when I'm picking up from their (and they're usually super busy to boot)

          2. I like the brand called "Twin Marqui." It's from Brooklyn and it's in the fresh noodle section of HK Market or CMart. I'm assuming it would be in the same place as Sun Sun. It's in a clear package and the label is a white background with red and green. I think the best for fried lo mein is the already cooked yellow noodles. I like the thicker ones that, I think, are the Shanghai noodles. Anyway, these noodles come in different sizes, both white and yellow, with one cooked option.

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            1. re: beetlebug

              Twin Marquis is my favorite, for everything in this category. Hard to go wrong.

            2. Russo's in watertown always has a great Asian section that has lo mein noodles plus lots of vegetables and sauces. The noodles are right next to the pea pods.

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              1. re: macadamianut

                I came in to suggest Russo's too. Yellow, chewy noodles. These are fresh noodles.