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Aug 27, 2014 02:03 PM

Recs please: 3 meals in Boston

I will be in your lovely city in a few weeks, and would love some restaurant recs. I have visited a number of times, but have not been in several years--it looks like the food scene in Boston has exploded in the past few years and the sheer number of wonderful-looking places is overwhelming!

I have one meal of each and preferences are below:

Breakfast: Someplace in Chinatown/Theater District or Bay Village. I can also go to Backbay or Southend as long as it isn't too far west/south. Something light or coffee shop-ish is fine, but would like to go somewhere that won't mind if I bring a book and enjoy a leisurely hour or two.

Lunch: Similar area as breakfast. Cuisine and budget are open, but would like something casual.

Dinner: Anywhere in Boston or Cambridge, but no suburbs. Cuisine and budget are open. I would love seafood.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Lunch: Taiwan Cafe or Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe

    Dinner: Neptune Oyster, Row 34, or Island Creek Oyster House

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      gene's is better for take-out. i vote coppa for lunch.

    2. Breakfast: Mike and Patty's or Thinking Cup (Boston Common location)

      Lunch and DInner: Agree with every option posted by RLH and Hotonynoodle. Also would add O Ya (Dinner) if you want a real $$$$ blowout meal. Also JM Curley (Lunch)

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      1. re: Matt H

        I think for your area, Mike and Patty's is your best breakfast option but they don't have much in terms of seating.

        1. re: addiez

          It's a quick walk from Mike & Patty's to the Public Garden, and I can't think of a more lovely way to spend the morning then a leisurely picnic breakfast, and a couple of hours reading in the park, people watching and swan boat watching.

          1. re: VintageMolly

            Good point. Definitely not a place to linger, but good place to grab food and linger at many of the great outdoor options near by.

          2. re: addiez

            I agree Mike and Patty's is great but it is tiny and only has a few seats. It would not be a place I would feel comfortable lingering for an hour or two. People definitely linger at The Thinking Cup though!

        2. I would add to the alreay good suggestins Mike's Diner for breakfast, Xian Xian or Myers and Chang for lunch, Erbaluce or Asta for dinner.

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          1. The Map Room Cafe at the Boston Public Library would be a lovely place to have breakfast and read a book for an hour or two (particularly if the weather is good and you can sit in the courtyard).


            1. 17, map room cafe is lovely and peaceful spot for respite from the busy downtown crowds.
              If i had ONE dinner in Boston, i would go with one of 3 places:
              Island Creek Oyster Bar

              ICOB because it is a dramatic memorable room with welcoming positive-energy staff,and a few of my fav seafood dishes, all the result of an owner who has thought about aaaaall the details.

              Ribelle because chef Tim Maslow is a true one-of-a-kind amazingly serious and inspiring creative chef who consistently gets me to the WOW! experience every time i eat there. It could be something as simple as kale, or mushrooms, but it will definitely not be well described on the menu, and it will be the 'best___' i ever ate.

              Oleana because Turkish food can be such a revelation for most of us, esp the spices/herbs, and you will likely have delicious foods you will not find elsewhere in the U.S.,from a very hard working woman chef who is her own icon in Boston.

              Here are some detailed links fyi:



              Welcome in advance; hope you have a lovely visit!

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