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Aug 27, 2014 12:11 PM

Thai Place - Northeastern/Isaan cuisine in Allston

Just a block over from S&I is another notable tiny Thai restaurant featuring regional cuisine with an emphasis from the Northeast/Isaan region where the chef-owner is from.

As is often the case, there are dueling menus. The Thai menu is posted on their website but they were quick to point out that it is not always up-to-date - With their help, I took a quick stab at translating (below) the Thai menu they had on-hand but would greatly appreciate additional detail and/or corrections. I didn't include all the fine details and ingredients of each dish, but they should be pretty easily googlable.

I sampled their som tam poo bplaa raa - papaya salad with fermented crab and fermented (rotten) fish paste - and it was tops. Fiery, funky, stanky, and just a touch of tang and sweetness to round it out, there could not possibly be enough sticky rice for this dish.

Ko moo yang - grilled marinated pork neck - is another dish worth ordering, hard not to like fatty grilled pieces of pork. Could have used a tad more char but otherwise mighty tasty.

Kaeng pah (Isaan-style jungle curry) was not your run-of-the-mill jungle boogie curry. It came packed full of the spicy sour complexities of these northeastern curry-soups and is a perfectly light veggie-laden soup to sweat out the rest of summer.

I'm sure it will be tough to walk past S&I for many, but I hope folks do go exploring through the menu at Thai Place because I think there's room for both to coexist.

Thai Place
184 Brighton Ave


Som Tam
- som tam thai
- som tam poo (w/ fermented crab
)- som tam poo bplaa raa (w/ fermented crab + fermented fish paste)
- som tam sua (fermented crab + fermented fish paste + thin noodles/khanom jeen)
- som tam goong sod (w/ shrimp)
- som tam moo krob (w/ crispy pork)

Khao Phat (fried rice)
- khao phat moo/gai (pork/chicken)
- khao phat poo/goong (fermented crab/shrimp)
- khao phat krapow moo krob (w/ thai basil + crispy pork)
- khao phat man goong (w/ shrimp + shrimp 'fat')
- khao phat naem (w/ sour pork sausage)
- khao phat kun chiang (w/ chinese sausage)
- khao phat kaeng bplaa kem (w/ curry paste + salted fish)
- khao phat talay (w/ mixed seafood)
- khao phat khiao wan (w/ green curry)

- moo ping (grilled pork skewers)
- gai yang (grilled chicken)
- ko moo yang (grilled pork neck)
- moo dad deaw (thai pork jerky)
- soop nar mai (bamboo shoot salad)
- laap moo/gai (pork/chicken)
- laap bplaa dook (catfish)
- laap moo krob (pork belly)
- nam tok moo/neua (pork/beef salad)
- nam tok ko moo yang (pork neck salad)

- tom saab kra dook moo (issan-style spicy sour pork rib soup)
- tom saab en toon (issan-style spicy sour soup)
- po tak talay (spicy sour seafood soup)
- tom yam goong sod (spicy sour soup w/ shrimp)
- tom saab moo/gai (spicy soup with pork/chicken)
- tom jued tao hoo moo saab (mild pork broth soup with pork meatballs and veggies)
- kaeng pa moo/gai/neua (issan-style jungle curry with pork/chicken/beef)
- kaeng om moo/gai (issan-style soup/curry with fermented fish paste, herbs with pork/chicken)

Other Salads
- yum woon sen (glass noodle salad)
- yum mama (instant noodle salad)
- yum moo yaw (pork sausage salad)
- moo manao (spicy pork + lime salad)
- yum ruam mit (seafood salad)

Rice Plates
- khao kha moo yang (braised pork neck over rice)
- khao khluk kapi (rice fried with shrimp paste)
- khao man gai tod (fried chicken + rice)
- khao kana moo krob (chinese broccoli + crispy pork belly)
- khao phat krapow moo krob (thai basil + crispy pork belly)
- khao phat krapow moo krob phat phet (as above + spicy)
- khao moo tod kratiem (with fried pork + garlic)
- khao rad krapow (thai basil w/ chicken/pork/seafood/catfish)
- khao rad krapow tod (thai basil + fried chicken)
- khao phat krapow gai yeaw maa (thai basil + century egg)
- khao phat prik khing moo krob (w/ curry paste + crispy pork)
- khao phat phet blaa dook (w/ curry paste + crispy catfish)

Without rice
- peek kai tod (thai fried chicken wings)
- kaew tod (fried pastry filled with minced pork)
- goong tod kratiem (shrimp fried with garlic)
- phat kana bplaa kem (salted fish + chinese broccoli)
- goong chae nam bplaa (lime marinated raw shrimp)
- bplaa rad phrik (fried whole fish w/ chili sauce)
- bplaa neung manao (steamed whole fish)

- phat see ew (chicken or pork)
- phat kee mow (chicken or pork)
- udon kee mow talay (sauteed udon w/ seafood)
- kway teow tom yum moo (pork boat noodle soup)
- kuay teow phet nam (duck noodle soup)
- rat na (chicken or pork)

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  1. Wow - thanks so much for this report! I pass Thai Place all the time, and get their takeaway (Americanized) menus in the mailbox from time to time. The block that they're on is mostly full of forgettable restaurants, so I had no idea they had anything worthwhile. THIS is what Chowhounding is all about - thanks again for checking them out.

    1. This is great! Thanks. I look forward to trying this out soon.

      1. I found another Isan specialist in Arlington Heights recently too. One of the waiters used to work at Tamarind House in Cambridge. He steered me to a very good choice for lunch and I can't wait to explore the menu more.

        He also told me that Tamarind House's head chef left there to start Thai North a while back. Tamarind House closed recently, but I always thought they were under-rated. Now I know why.

        2 Replies
          1. re: tatsu

            I haven't made it over to Thai E-Sarn yet but I hope you'll give us the scoop tatsu !

            Here's their online Thai menu (thankfully translated):


          2. This is so great. It's the kind of post I hope for on Chowhound but so rarely find. I look forward to trying this and I know I wouldn't have without your great report. Thanks.

            1. Wow. Thank you for the amazing write up and translation. I am also wondering what is S&I?


              2 Replies
              1. re: sekelmaan

                S&I Thai To Go - another Thai restaurant in Allston, a block away from Thai Place (as stated above.)

                CH search is being uncooperative, but there are a whole bunch of threads - here are some Google results:

                1. re: Allstonian

                  Yeah, found it right after I typed it. Bad me.