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Aug 27, 2014 09:56 AM

Liquid Diet Help!

I broke my jaw in a treadmill accident, I had to have some teeth removed and bone grafts so I can have implants to replace the ones broken. I have been put on a strictly liquid only died for 2 weeks. I am on day three and cannot stand just tomato soup and soft ice cream. Please help me, share some good soup recipes with me that can be pureed and swallowed that are not laden with salt. I feel bloated and starving at the same time.

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  1. Gordon Ramsay's Broccoli Soup:
    Couldn't be easier; obviously, you have to leave the garnish out.

    Epicurious has one along the same lines using fresh corn (which is of course now in season):
    You need to put this one through a sieve after blending to get the last of the solids out.

    1. Contact a nutritionist and/or dietitian and have them create a proper liquid diet for you.

      It will not be better for you now and in the next couple of weeks, but for the rest of your life; you do not want to loose too much weight and/or muscles when you are recovering.

      1. Sorry about your accident. Do you own or have access to a decent quality juicer? could be a big help in making easy to get down soups and smoothies. I recently bought a Champion and it has been quite a fun tool to use.

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          I want a Champion so bad.

          OP do you have access to a high powered blender? Sounds like a horrible accident, wow.

        2. "Preparing for a real dietary challenge"

          Nov 23, 2013 by jujuthomas in Special Diets

          To the OP - if you can forgive my inept transfer of CH information (I don't know how to give you the easy link), the post referenced above will have a lot of great information for you. The original poster, jujuthomas, was facing about six weeks of having a jaw wired shut. Good luck on your recovery.

          1. Sorry to hear about your accident. Lots of online recipes for soups can be thinned and pureed.

            I like these recipes:


   Puree it until smooth.