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SFBA Dish of the Month (Sept 2014) - Nominations/Voting

Dish of the Month is an activity where we collectively try as many versions of a dish as possible, reporting back with details and photos. Now is your opportunity to vote on or nominate the September dish. Feel free to include a sales pitch with any nominations!

Click the recommend button to vote for existing nominees. You can change your mind up until the deadline. You can also nominate a new dish by replying to this message, in UPPER CASE, with its name.

Voting ends Sunday, August 31st at 8pm.

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      1. HASH (corned beef, smoked brisket and other versions)

                    1. re: The Dive

                      Grilled cheese sandwiches do seem to be popular. I just paid $10 for one at the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in South Park. The place was packed. Crazy. I'll stick with my vote for hash.

                    2. MISSION BURRITO - AL PASTOR

                      1. Pupusas are the September dish of the month! Start eating now, but I'll start a report thread in a few hours.