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May 30, 2006 09:39 AM

Vegetarian Poutine

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Hi! Is there anywhere in Montreal that sells tasty vegetarian poutine?


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  1. What do you mean by vegetarian? Do you mean it as vegan? Since poutine is made out of fries, gravy and cheese, I'd say we call it fries and gravy. I don't know of any place that serves poutine with soy based cheese.

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      By vegetarian, I mean lacto-vegetarian (I eat cheese). Basically, I am looking for poutine with a vegetarian "sauce." I heard Mondo Fritz offers something like this - are there any other spots in the city for veggie poutine? Is Mondo Fritz any good?

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        As a vegetarian, I too want poutine gravy without meat juices or flavourings. I've asked a couple of poutine vendors in Ottawa about this. Kindly, they go to their huge cans of gravy powder which is what they use in chip vans to make gravy, probably due to the lack of space in these vehicles for making real gravy. They read to me the ingredients of the powder - they contained no meat-sourced ingredients so it would seem that poutine from a chip van is free of meat products. (Of course, the fat used to cook the fries also needs to be vegetable-based, not lard.)

        I don't know if this is also true of poutine served in restaurants.

      2. i think that the poutine at patati patata on st. laurent and rachel serves vegetarian poutine. Not too sure on the lard vs vegtable oil for the fries though. grab a little tofu sandwhich too while you're there...

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          I don't know about Quebec, but in many places tallow is as common as lard for deep frying potatoes.

        2. Recently noticed on the menu at Chez Claudette (351 Laurier E. 514-279-5173): vegetarian poutine. I'd be sure to ask whether it's truly veg, gravy and all, because there's a slight chance they just mean the toppings are all veg. To me, the gravy on the regular poutine definitely tasted like chicken gravy, so if it's an artificial flavour it's pretty impressive.

          As for the frying medium, there are surely places that use tallow, but AFAIK vegetable or peanut oil is most common around town.

          1. i registered an account just to reply to this post :D as i found it while searching for a veg. poutine in the city.
            ... so far, there's tomato sauce "vegetarian" poutine with non-soy cheese at Mamma's Restaurant Pizzeria 75 Des Pins Avenue Ouest, Montréal, QC H2W 1R4
            Phone: (514) 288-1128 i also had a delicious fair-trade green tea with the poutine.

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              (this is a joke)

              veggie poutine with green tea!!! Where has the world gone to!!

            2. The original comment has been removed