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Aug 26, 2014 05:40 PM

Indian Food SOS

We are thinking of going, with a group of 12, kids included, for our "fix" of good Indian food and some cold Kingfisher beer. I was thinking of somewhere on Gerrard E., but certainly open to suggestions.

We have all been to Sheeri Punjab on the Danforth, but are group is looking for a change. Our group can be "adventurous" eaters, so give it your best shot! We are all having a serious curry craving!

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  1. Well since you asked, here is my suggestion.

    It's hard for me to find a decent Indian Restaurant on Gerrard St, but one place that we have tried about 4 times since they opened and it's been fine is Gautama.
    Here is a review by the late Steven Davey from just over a year back:

    You may find some negative reviews on the net, but we have not had a bad experience there and if I was wanting to eat on Gerrard St, this would be one of my choices.

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      Thanks! We are trying to avoid a buffet. Im not stuck on Gerrard. It was just my first thought Im surprised to read that its the only place on the street with a liquor licence I never realized that.

      So we are more than willing to open the geographical area. Really great Indian food is hard to find in this city, so we're quite prepared to travel!

      1. re: foodyDudey

        Which dishes would you reorder at Gautama? Or do you go for the buffet? Does Gautama only offer buffet? If it's only buffet, which dishes do you like best?

        I haven't been for a while, but I've enjoyed the dosas at Udupi Palace and Moti Mahal, although if I remember right, there probably aren't any tables that would fit 12, anyhow, and they aren't licensed.

        1. re: prima

          We have only been for the dinner buffet. Since there are only two of us, it's best to have the buffet as there is more variety. I'd go for the lunch buffet but am usually very busy during that time period. Also, there is much less parking available during the day.

      2. A couple of other non-buffet options for good food and a beer:
        Copper Chimney on Avenue Rd, just south of the 401.
        Jaipur Grille on Yonge south of Eglinton.

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        1. re: hal2010

          We've been to both as they are in our "hood". Copper Chimney started off great and then the quality began to slip.

          Jaipur is consistently good, but not great or authentic enough. Its great for lunch, but not for a family "feast".

          I find Amaya on Bayview to be in the same category and they opened up a take out place on Yonge north of Lawrence that just doesn't do the trick.

          The hunt continues!

          1. re: franpelyk

            I haven't been to the Host in years, but it used to be quite good. You may want to check it out:

            1. re: foodyDudey

              Ive been to the one in Mississauga and had the buffet. Quite good but I didnt get a chance to try the menu.

              Unfortunately, the one in Yorkville is not open on Sundays for lunch.

            2. re: franpelyk

              Maybe Pukka would fit the bill then.

              If you want authentic, try Lahore Tikka. Greasy as hell, and you don't want to take a close look at the kitchen. Just like you'd get in Lahore! No alcohol, though.

              Banjara, in the same plaza as Madras Masala is also pretty good.

              1. re: hal2010

                That's Pakistani food, not Indian. It's like someone asking for a Hungarian restaurant and then you tell him to go to a Romanian one :-) But if someone likes eating from foam plates with plastic cutlery, it's the place to be! Although there are some similarities between Pakistani and North Indian food, it's not really the same in my mind.

          2. We have been going to Madras Masala in the recent past and quite like it.

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            1. re: garfield

              Nice looking menu. Not much beef, but certainly everything else. This place looks to be tne best so far. Thanks!

            2. The finest - by far - is now Pukka on St Clair - but, accordingly, it's packed, so a group of 12 would probably have difficulty. It's also more expensive than the other places mentioned, but the ingredients are outstanding, with every dish using a different sauce - not 'one mother fits all' like many places. Fully licenced.
              I've been to all those mentioned (except Gautama) - Copper Chimney used to be my go-to place, but indeed it has slipped. The only other place I occasionally visit - because it has the best Onion Bhajia in town (IMO) is Trimurti on Queen. Also licenced.
              Given your parameters, Jaipur Grille would also be acceptable - middle-of-the-road, but certainly would take a group of 12.

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              1. re: estufarian

                Try Savera, on St. Clair West, opposite Pukka, great service, family run, warm and welcoming, I have always enjoyed their food (and I live in Little India and disdain all of the restaurants there) - with some notice Savers could accommodate a group. It's not a huge place but they are very obliging. Would be less expensive than Pukka, but also less "trendy" or adventurous, if that matters. Generous portions, we always leave stuffed! If you like prawns, get the southern Indian prawn dish.

              2. What about one of the Indian "chains"? Anjappar Chettinad or Karaikudi. They are both in Scarborough, are huge, and serve beer.