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Aug 26, 2014 02:12 PM

Callahan's Hot Dogs

Just announced that they are opening in Norwood, NJ, sometime in the fall. Full menu to be served, dogs, burgers, fries, the works! Can't wait. The truck satisfies me, but being able to order all of the original foods is going to be great!

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  1. Ditto!!! Dan has been working on this and it's going to happen.

    I am very much looking forward to it -- the classic Callahan's menu.

    Don't mess with what works, LOL -- dogs, burgers, fries, rings, sausage, etc.

    All the best and congratulations!

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    1. re: ELA

      Don't forget the Yoo-Hoo and Beer.

      1. re: fourunder

        I hear you!

        The plan is to offer the Italian hotdog -- as they did in Fort Lee. I hope Dan does so, but with the real deal "pizza bread"...and of course the potatoes prepared the right way, LOL.

        When Callahan's was in Fort Lee, I am not sure that the Italian hotdog was a big seller -- as they use "pizza bread" and the potatoes weren't done in the more expected, traditional way (that would find at Dickie Dee's, Jimmy Buff's, Tommy's, etc.).