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Aug 26, 2014 02:08 PM

Am I missing something? The title says 'recipe for a crowd', but the actual recipe serving instructions are for one glass. Do I really have to do the math??

This question references CHOW's Ginger Mojitos for a Crowd recipe.

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  1. Well, you do have to extrapolate to realize you would add all of the club soda to the mojito base for a crowd.


    The instructions are how to assemble the recipe, glass by glass.

    The actual recipe says it's for 12. Adjust that to fit your "crowd"


    No math, just make the syrup, add the rum, pour into glasses and top off with club soda. Makes 12. I'm sure you could mix the club soda into a pitcher or punch bowl of the syrup/rum base, but it will lose its fizz if it sits for too long.


    Recipe makes 12 servings.

    The one glass instructions is how you would use the mix (proportions) to make someone a glass.

    What math? I'm sure you can eyeball the amount without doing the math.